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Humble Bundle Will Launch Their RPG Fae Tactics In Late July
This week, Humble Bundle revealed that they will be leading their upcoming RPG Fae Tactics later this month on Steam And this time around there will be no Early Access nonsense as the game will drop in-full on July 31st, 2020 The game will have you play as a younger magic-user named Peony as you[...]
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Image Comics offers a survey of their newer series in the Image Comics Showcase Bundle via Humble Bundle scheduled to end on Wednesday, July 22 The bundle chose the Hero Initiative and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation as their two charities Intriguingly, there's more than a few complete stories and full series here, as well[...]
Humble Bundle Launches Special Bundle For Diabetes Research
Humble Bundle revealed this week that they are releasing a special bungle of games with proceeds going to support Type 1 Diabetes research The Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle includes some of Telltale Games' best titles they ever made including The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Batman, along with IGF winners Oxenfree and Heaven's[...]
Mobile Indie Game Crying Suns Launching On June 25th
Humble Games, creators of the Humble Bundle, is working together with Alt-Shift to bring Crying Suns, a new indie rogue-lite game, to mobile! The game will be coming out on June 25th of this year. Key art and the logo for Humble Games and Alt-Shift's new indie mobile game, Crying Suns. Crying Suns, as explained by the[...]
Kodansha Offers Eight Award-Winning, Full Series On Humble Bundle
Kodansha offers eight of their well-reviewed series in a new Humble Bundle The bundle includes Beck, Parasyte, Princess Jellyfish, Your Lie In April, Space Brothers, Descending Stories, To Your Eternity, and Love Hina. The image for Humble Manga Bundle via the KodanshaUSA Twitter ICYMI: Right now you can own full completed series & tons of vols[...]
Humble Bundle Reveals Million Dollar Fund For Black Game Developers
Humble Bundle made a big announcement yesterday on their Twitter feed in terms of helping black game developers With the country focused on the recent protests after the death of George Floyd, many companies have taken to social media in different ways to show their support for what's happening in our communities Humble Bundle posted[...]
Via Humble Bundle, Hill and IDW offer what looks like all currently published issues of Locke & Key, plus assorted Joe Hill written comics for $15 Particularly interesting to me is the Ray Bradbury tribute collection Shadow Show, which contains contributions from Eddie Campbell, Audrey Niffeneffer, and Dave Eggers. Joe Hill's Humble Bundle Credit: IDW and[...]
Void Bastards Main Art
Humble Bundle happily revealed today that Void Bastards will be making its way to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch next month Developed by Blue Manchu, the game did exceptionally well on PC and Xbox when it was released last May Now, nearly one year later, the game is getting a release on the remaining two[...]
D&D Two Book Sale Humble Bundle
The two companies have partnered with Humble Bundle and Extra Life to launch "Humble Book Bundle: Dungeons & Dragons – Read the Realmson", which will launch on April 22nd The bundle will contain a total of 23 ebooks from The Legend of Drizzt and The War of the Spider Queen series, sold at a pay-what-you-want price for everything[...]
The cover to The Dying and the Dead #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim.
Nevertheless, Hickman is the subject of the latest Humble Bundle, offering a slew of Hickman's creator-owned comics in a digital bundle that you set the price. The cover of The Dying and the Dead #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim. Complete Your Jonathan Hickman Collection The total retail cost of comics featured in the bundle is $257,[...]
Divinoids Main Art
Humble Bundle revealed a number of games they'll be releasing in 2020, which included a brand new title coming to Humble Choice called Divinoids The reveal came during their first-ever Humble Brag video that debuted yesterday The game revealed during the event were The Iron Oath, Ring Of Pain, Prodeus, Wildfire, Fae Tactics, One Step[...]
Humble Bundle Humble Brag Spring 2020
Humble Bundle will be taking the video presentation approach to showing off new games during the coronavirus outbreak with their own stream this week On March 24th, they will be doing a five-minute presentation called The Humble Brag This is a show where they'll show off games on the way for Spring 2020 This is[...]
How Much Would You Pay to Be Drawn Into a Bloodshot Comic?
Valiant Entertainment is offering the opportunity of a lifetime through Humble Bundle For the next week, the Bloodshot 2020 Humble Bundle will allow readers to pick up $400-worth of DRM-free Bloodshot comic for a price of their choosing But whoever chooses to pay the highest price will get a bonus prize: they'll be drawn into[...]