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Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, Becky Cloonan & James Harren's Christmas
This December, Dark Horse Books will publish Four Gathered on Christmas Eve, four stories from four renowned comics creators: Eric Powell, Mike Mignola, Becky Cloonan, and James Harren Powell will be illustrating his story and James Harren's with the rest of the writers illustrating their own stories Eric Powell and Dave Stewart will be colouring[...]
James Harren’s Ultramega #3 Outsells Issue #2 
It's been a big year for James Harren and Dave Stewart's Ultramega, the new series that launched in March from Sky bound/Image to both massive critical acclaim and historic sales numbers We even told you that the original art is selling out at levels unheard of for most indie comics, putting it squarely in the same[...]
PrintWatch: Ultramega, Chasing The Dragon and Laila Starr
PrintWatch: James Harren's kaiju-action comic book Ultramega continues its domination, with a third printing of issues #1 and second printing of issue #2 announced today Image/Skybound will reprint both issues with new covers by Harren, available in full color and in black and white Ultramega #2 and Ultramega #1 reprints will be available in comic[...]
Everyone Is Talking About James Harren’s Ultramega #1
We've been telling you that James Harren's Ultramega #1 was a gigantic launch for Image/Skybound and had quickly gone to a second printing to keep up with demand Even the Comics Vault Live product has been incredibly hot, with the Ultramega #1 Attack Peter variant (originally priced at $75) re-selling for $200 and the Ultramega[...]
Everyone Is Talking About James Harren’s Ultramega #1
We broke the news a couple weeks ago that James Harren and Dave Stewart's Ultramega #1 is the biggest launch at Skybound since Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee's Fire Power.  And with Ultramega #1 FOCing on Monday, February 22nf, it looks like Harren and the folks at Skybound/Image have been making sure everyone has an advance[...]
It's Not Ulyraman - It's Ultramega from Skybound/Image Comics in March
James Harren, writer/artist on Rumble and BPRD is creating a new comic book with colourist Dave Stewart, from Image Comics/Skybound in March, that is most definitely not Ultraman Instead it is Ultramega And they would really like you to know the difference. Not Ultraman – It's Ultramega from James Harren and Dave Stewart . Ultramega's debut issue will[...]
Image Slips James Harren Weatherman #3 Variant Under the Comic-Con Radar
In the interest of maintaining a sense of normalcy during this hectic week, Image Comics has sent out a press release revealing a "limited" variant cover for The Weatherman #3 by James Harren with colors by Nathan Fox. What? Not every Comic-Con story can be Grant Morrison writing Green Lantern or The Clone Wars returning! Cut[...]
Thor #701 Review: The Rampage Of The Mangog
We're not left hanging on who the winner is, even if the fate of the loser is ambiguous. Thor #701 art by James Harren and Dave Stewart James Harren's artwork brings the struggle to life in a spectacular fashion He knows how to portray the progression of battle There is a flow to this war Blows and[...]
The Mighty Thor
Much like the Norns, Aaron takes every single thread and weaves them together into an epic, large story that captures ever aspect of his incredible run on Thor. This is helped by a frankly incredible selection of artists on the issue, from Russell Dauterman, Olivier Coipel, Chris Burnham, James Harren, and Walter Simonson, among many, many[...]
Don't Overlook Rumble From Image
If it becomes easy for you, you become a killer" The unsung gem of 2015 is without a doubt John Arcudi, James Harren and Dave Stewart's Rumble Straight away you can see why it might have been somewhat overlooked Combining slow paced world building and a unique mythos with kinetic no holds barred action set pieces[...]
John Arcudi And James Harren's Rumble #1, Free (And DRM-Free) Till Tomorrow
But comic book foragers who waited until now can get Rumble #1 by John Arcudi and James Harren free, digitally, until tomorrow In whatever digital format you wish… Okay, so a scarecrow walks into a bar…and proceeds to wreak havoc across two worlds! After a long absence, Rathraq, Scarecrow Warrior God, is back—and very unhappy[...]
What You Got For Your $50 At Image Expo – And Can You Flip It?
Among them are Wytches #3 by Scott Snyder and Jock, Rumble #1 by John Arcudi, James Harren, and Dave Stewart, East of West #16 by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta, last but not least is Bitch Planet #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine DeLandro Image was also nice to include a t-shirt and handy, dandy[...]