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TCAF 2017 Recap: Appreciating the Craft at North America's Most Welcoming, Inclusive Comic-Con

Check out audio below from the Image 25th: Designing New Worlds panel with Sloane Leong (From Under Mountains), Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked + The Divine), Simon Roy (Prophet: Earth War), and Andrew MacLean (Head Lopper), of which moderator David Brothers said: “We’re here to talk about defining new worlds, which is kind of a long way of saying comics are fake, but[...]

A Comic with a Beat: The Wicked + The Divine #27 Review

[caption id="attachment_620106" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Cover by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson[/caption]Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's love and admiration of music is well documented Hell, both came to the audiences awareness through a comic about the very magic of music in Phonogram And The Wicked + The Divine, their latest masterpiece theatre of a series, is[...]

Should We Be Concerned About Diversity at Marvel?

The Marvel Universe continues, the characters are the same, but a challenge to rethink what the Marvel Universe is going forward.[caption id="attachment_616265" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Art by Jamie McKelvie[/caption]It would never happen After all, part of Marvel's aims to attract new readers and new sales seems heavily tied to the characters and names that have appeared[...]

Exclusive-No-More: Jamie McKelvie's Costume Designs For X-Men Blue Team

Following up on yesterday's announcement of the creative teams and casts of Marvel's new core X-Men titles, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, Marvel has given compliant media partner ComicBook.com a reward for their service in the form of an EXXXCLUSIVE reveal of artist Jamie McKelvie's costume designs for X-Men Blue The book, written by Cullen[...]

"I'm Just Trying To Be A Better Person, Man" – The Jamie McKelvie Spotlight With Kieron Gillen At San Diego Comic-Con

Alex Roberts writes for Bleeding Cool: “In 1980, a star was born in London… Jamie McKelvie was also born.” This is how Kieron Gillen began the panel celebrating Jamie McKelvie, renowned comic artist Gillen, long-time collaborator of McKelvie, moderated the panel featuring only the two of them.McKelvie discussed he became an artist, drawing superheroes like Spider-Man while[...]

Kieron Gillen's Spotlight At San Diego – This Time He's Bringing His Mum

And of course, who better to pull the details of his rise in popularity and success than his longtime partner in creativity, Jamie McKelvie.We start with a big cheer from a roomful of The Wicked + The Divine fans, followed by Jamie and Kieron taking their seats to be awarded by Comic-Con International for their[...]

Jamie McKelvie's Superpowered Music Video For CHVRCHES – Bury It

Recently nominated at the BRITS for British Breakthrough Act, they have been going places.And Bury It, often performed with Paramore's Haley Williams, has been a recent festival favourite.The Wicked + The Divine's Jamie McKelvie has created a number of posters for the band And now, alongside animators Mighty Nice, has created their new video for the song.The[...]

Kieron Gillen And Jamie McKelvie – Was That Their Last Thought Bubble As DJs?

We have already run the DMC-In-The-House Thought Bubble live set of It's Tricky and Walk This Way, but here's a look at some of the rest of party night...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_reMC6vZ0EJoining the traditional Thought Bubble DJs Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie with Anthony Johnston and Al Ewing were newcomers to the party Kate Leth and Marguerite Bennett[...]

The Wicked + The Divine #14 – We've Seen It All Before. Literally.

But it is a remarkable achievement, with Jamie McKelvie drawing the new Phonogram series, for him to get another issue of the series out with his name on the artist credit. And all power to Matthew Wilson, for his rejigged colour that helps giving the whole thing some kind of a cohesiveness.Because almost every image in this issue, aside (I think) from[...]

The Ending Of Tomorrow's The Wicked + The Divine

Jamie McKelvie tweets,#WicDiv 11 is out this week We've been building to this for a year I know advance review copies have gone out, and I've seen some mentions — Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) June 1, 2015Just asking that anyone who has read it early please, please don't spoil it for others.— Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) June 1,[...]

Swipe File: The Wicked + The Divine + Doctor Who

From yesterday's The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, the immortal god who's always got a party in his head With a hilarious You Only Live Forever T-shirt, Will it be part of a The Wicked + The Divine spinoff line?Well, it may have some competition...Of course that's not entirely official[...]

The Lick-Ed And The Divine, From Today's Sex Criminals

I promise yo, WoodRocket are considering making this real, as you read this.I did check in to see if The Wicked And The Divine creators, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie were aware of this, and was told that they had seen an image...But it is definitely evidence, if evidence were needed, that Image creators are[...]

Image Comics – The Artists At Thought Bubble #TBF14

Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson first presented a panel of artists, Lisa Wood (Tula Lotay), Jamie McKelvie, Emma Rios Jason Latour, Charlie Adlard and Sean Phillips.He talked about how he saw the guests as split into two groups, artists who work with one writer primarily and those who work with many Sean Phillips self-identified as being[...]

Pop Culture Hounding The Wicked + The Divine With Kieron Gillen And Jamie McKelvie At DICE

By Chris Thompson[audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode105.mp3]Following on from last week’s episode with the ever-popular and interesting Greg Ruth (which you can still listen to here), this week I’m back with the dynamic duo of Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie for the Wicked + Divine panel from the recent Dublin International Comic Expo (aka D.I.C.E.)We discuss the origins of[...]

NYCC: I Is For Immersion: Building Immersive Worlds With Image Comics

Jake Barlow writes for Bleeding Cool:The first of four Image panels at NYCC included a plethora of talent, namely Kelly Sue Deconnick, Jamie McKelvie, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Kyle Higgins, Jason Latour, Brandon Montclaire and Tim Seeley The theme was world building and how to get readers lost in stories, where the only thing that[...]

Six Pages From The Wicked + The Divine #4, As It Goes A Little Bit Tron

But it's time for retailers to place their final orders for The Wicked + The Divine #4 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie today So, if you want a copy, and with such Image titles, it's never guaranteed hat your retailer iwill order enough, do let them know.And here's six pages to follow on from[...]

An Avenger For The Young

Jamie McKelvie is one of the hottest young comic book artists in the industry right now, with projects such as Phonogram (pictured above), Suburban Glamour, X-Men Season One, Young Avengers and the recent The Wicked + The Divine.But instead of talking about Jamie today, we're talking about his father, Peter McKelvie.After the emergence of the hundreds[...]