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Interior preview page from IT'S JEFF #1 GURIHIRU COVER
Welcome readers, to this week's comic book preview! This week, Jeff the Land Shark stars in his own comic, now in print, with this preview of It's Jeff #1 Joining me to discuss this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Be warned, LOLtron, no trying to take over the world this time! Let's[...]
Jeff The Land Shark Gets a Marvel Comic by Kelly Thompson & Gurihiru
And that includes a bunch of new titles, such as It's Jeff, featuring Jeff The Landshark by Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru  now available on the Marvel Unlimited App. Jeff The Land Shark in It's Jeff Jeff is many things: a Land Shark Deadpool's (maybe) best friend Your new favorite Marvel hero Follow Jeff the Land Shark weekly[...]
King In Black
In Deadpool #10, Deadpool has to take emergency action to avoid being taken. Deadpool #10 Not something afforded to Jeff The Land Shark. Deadpool #10 While in Savage Avengers, Deadpool dodges infection again, But Conan is another story, Savage Avengers #17 As Knull remembers when Conan worse the Venom symbiote earlier in Savage Avengers, and left a piece behind. Savage Avengers #17 He[...]