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Tamara Fox's Fate Setting Up Next Batman Future State (Spoilers)
Once upon a time, John Ridley was to be Batman's new ongoing writer as part of DC Comics' 5G plans Then everything changed His work was repurposed into the near-future-set Future State: The Next Batman for DC Future State, and he also has a digital-first series, Second Son looking at Jace Fox's rise to taking[...]
John Ridley Brings Back a 1970 Superman Comic For Red, White And Blue
Well, John Ridley, Oscar-winning screenwriter brings a lot of Superman's history to Superman: Red And Blue #1 published today and drawn by Clayton Henry Because it takes a deep dive to March 1970 and the publication of World's Finest #192 and #193 from DC Comics fifty-one years ago. World's Finest #192 with Superman and Batman And a[...]
Dan DiDio
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool noted that former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio had been gone for a year at DC Comics, but his influence is still writ large in Future State and how it will continue into Infinite Frontier. Dan DiDio photo by Luigi Novi. Den Of Geek, talking to John Ridley, saw him talk about the origins[...]
How Did Poison Ivy Meet Harley Quinn? Read DC Love Is A Battlefield
I'm working with an amazing artist to tell a really wonderful story, but I don't think I'm allowed to spill the details yet!" But it seems that he may never be able to spill them as he's not on the final creative list below; But those who are now included are Oscar winner John Ridley, Christos[...]
The Next Batman #1 Spoilers
The Next Batman #1 is published today, for DC Future State, with its lead feature story featuring this new Batman revisiting some very familiar tropes, courtesy of 12 Years A Slave screenwriter John Ridley, Doom Patrol artist Nick Derington, colours by Tamra Bonvillian and letters by Clayton Cowles. Credit: DC Whether that be from The Dark Knight[...]
First Next Batman Tim Fox Appearance, Batman, #313 $500 Sale On eBay
DC Comics just confirmed earlier reports by Bleeding Cool that the upcoming Batman series by John Ridley will feature Tim Fox as the new Batman Or rather, the Next Batman, as part of the two-month Future State initiative in January and February Originally planned to replace Bruce Wayne permanently, as part of Dan DiDio's 5G, it[...]
DC Comics Confirms That Tim Fox Is The Next Batman
Back in September, Bleeding Cool was the first place to state that the upcoming Batman series by John Ridley could feature Tim Fox as the new Batman – though this was after a year of stating it would be Luke Fox Not great for Batwing #19 speculation, but excellent for Batman #313 speculation, as first[...]
The Other History Of The DC Universe #1 Review: A Brave & Bold Story
Credit: DC Comics Writer John Ridley digs deep into Jefferson Pierce, showing a lot of the nuance Cress Williams exhibited in the hit CW series There is a wonderful through-line that shows the desire to rise above one's station and the everpresent pressures working against that desire that Ridley plays like a Stradivarius or a Stratocaster[...]
Blumhouse Hosting First BlumFest This Thursday
Director John Ridley will direct a new untitled paranormal film for Blumhouse; it was announced this afternoon Jason Blum joined the director for a small chat moderated by Jacqueline Coley about the film during today's BlumFest 2020, and there is rightfully some excitement behind the project Based on the recently published Truly*Adventurous article, Project Poltergeist, written[...]
DC Collects John Ridley's Batman In Hardcover
Batman by John Ridley The Deluxe Edition will be published on June 29th in hardcover for $17.99 They will collect his stories from Batman Black & White #1, Batman: The Joker War Zone #1, Future State: The Next Batman #1-4 and Detective Comics #1027 – although I don't actually recall him having a story in[...]
The Return Of Lucius Fox's Other Son, Tim Fox, in 2020
Luke Fox seemed to replace him in the Batman comics after the New 52 reboot. Art from Batman #313. But I understand that, as a result of this week's Batman: The Joker War Zone that we may be seeing a return of Tim Fox, courtesy of writer John Ridley, who is writing the upcoming Batman comic book[...]
DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: How Catwoman Changes The Future Of Batman
At the DC Fandome Joker War panel, wrote John Ridley talks about how this changes Batman He cited the Justice League movie joke asking what Batman's powers were, "I'm rich" So what happens when you take his money away? Of course, it is expected that at the end of the Joker War, everything goes back to[...]
What's Censored In John Ridley's Other History DC Fandome Panel?
The Other History Of The DC Universe panel for DC Fandome saw journalist Evan Narcisse interview John Ridley and Giuseppe Camuncoli about the upcoming and long-delayed illustrated story. Screencap from DC Fandome. And we got a little look at some of Camuncoli's artwork for the series Which will begin in the nineteen seventies with Black Lightning –[...]
Batwing #19 and #20 Sell For $1000 on eBay After DC Black Batman News
At the DC Fandome event, it was confirmed what Bleeding Cool had been reporting since the middle of last year, that John Ridley, screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave, would be writing Batman, with a new black lead The show suggested what we had also been claiming, that it would be Luke Fox, the second[...]