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Laughter: Former Comics Journalist Tries to Break into Industry Through Kickstarter
Thankfully, former Outhouse Editor-in-Chief Gavin Dillinger has a backup plan. Gavin, armed with a brand new nose ring he got to be more like his idol, Dave Bautista, has launched a new Kickstarter for a comic called Laughter, featuring art by Y Sanders and colors by Gab Contreras No letterer is credited, but nobody cares about[...]
The Mick: Fox Cancels Kaitlin Olson Series After Two Seasons
Philly just got a little less "sunny" today, with news that Fox is cancelling midseason comedy series The Mick. Created by John and Dave Chernin and starring It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s Kaitlin Olson, The Mick was only one of three series cancelled by the network today.
After Life: No More Mr. Nice Guy for Ricky Gervais in New Netflix Series
Ricky Gervais's Tony is making some serious changes to his life -- whether his friends and family like it or not -- in the new Netflix series After Life. Created, executive produced, directed by and starring Gervais, the six, half-hour episode season is also executive produced by Charlie Hanson (Extras).
A. P. Bio Episode 5 'Dating Toledoans' Review: I Am Jack's Night Out
Welcome back to Bleeding Cool’s "finally-back-to-weekly" recap/review of NBC’s Thursday night comedy series A.P. Bio, starring It’s Always in Sunny in Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton and Happy!'s Patton Oswalt. Tonight, we're taking a look at our fifth episode, 'Dating Toledoans'.
A.P. Bio: NBC Moves up Glenn Howerton's Class Schedule by an Hour
I hope fans of Glenn Howerton and NBC's A.P. Bio are taking notes because there will be a quiz at the end of this. Making a small tweak to their Thursday night programming line-up, A.P. Bio will be moving an hour earlier to 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday nights beginning March 1.
Barry: Bill Hader Talks HBO's Hitman Comedy Series
Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader finds himself facing that dilemma, as his Barry struggles to balance his hitman day job with his newly ignited passion for acting. That's just one of the aspects of HBO's upcoming comedy series that gets covered in a new behind-the-scenes featurette.