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Marvel's Dual Numbering Spotted on Variant Cover
Its primary feature: dual numbering, consisting of both the semi-annual reboot numbering and the original series legacy numbering Though we heard about the news via the Diamond Retailer Summit, we didn't know exactly what it would look like Until now. Eagle-eyed J.D Boucher noticed that the dual-numbering could be seen on the Ace Comicon variant cover[...]
Despicable Deadpool
That means the series will have run just 14 bi-weekly issues since quasi-relaunching as part of Marvel Legacy What will the Legacy of Marvel Legacy be? Potentially forgettable in the grand scheme of things, it would appear. If Bleeding Cool is right — and tell us, when have we ever been wrong?! — that means the[...]
Since his "death" in 2014, Marvel has been in a sales slump, but since the furry little runt finally reappeared in Marvel Legacy #1, all of that is about to change. In a press release titled "Where Is Wolverine? And What Is His Startling Secret?," Marvel is teasing big things for everyone's favorite Marvel Mary Sue: His[...]
Marvel Goes Tabloid, Reveals Spider-Man's Arrest Warrant
For a company that's always complaining about Bleeding Cool's tabloid journalism, Marvel sure has taken a page out of our book in the promotion of its upcoming Legacy relaunch for The Spectacular Spider-Man On Marvel.com, the company has published the actual NYPD arrest warrant for Spider-Man, whose fugitive status will be the subject of the[...]
lenticular covers
Marvel's lenticular rollout has been pretty much poisoned by themselves. That said when Marvel's Legacy one shot came out it sold very well for us Especially for a Marvel book Something I never would have thought I would say years ago The Marvel brand used to be so much more bankable. The Marvel Legacy one shot did[...]
Marvel Legacy Next Big Thing Panel Coverage
Rowell points out that she is far more interested in continuity than Nick would like. Will Guardians of the Galaxy and Squirrel Girl team up? Duggan says that's a very good idea. A questioner called Mike talks about being a fan of Marvel for ages, and when Legacy was announced he was excited to bring his friends[...]
jonathan hickman
issues, so sooner than you'd think!" In another exchange, when asked if creative teams on Marvel Legacy books would be on those books for the long haul, Brevoort responded by saying that "barring the vicissitudes of fate and business, the creators doing these various titles should be there regularly — though not necessarily the same[...]
Industry In Revolt As More Retailers Boycott Marvel Lenticular Covers
As Marvel tries to secure its grip on the Diamond Throne, more retailers are refusing to bend the knee and order its line-wide lenticular variant covers. Earlier this month, Bleeding Cool told you about All New Comics, an Ontario retailer that was refusing to order any of Marvel's line-wide Legacy lenticular variant covers The shop cited[...]