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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 15 Preview: Alice Has A Warning For Mary
Ryan (Javicia Leslie), Jacob (Dougray Scott), Sophie (Meagan Tandy), and Mary (Nicole Kang) search for answers as to Luke's attacker- but they need to make sure they don't take their sights off of the season's biggest bad- a point Alice (Rachel Skarsten) looks to make to Mary in the following preview. Photo: The CW — © 2021[...]
Batwoman Season 2 E04 Preview: Ryan Learns From Her Painful Past
Meanwhile, the growing war between Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Safiyah (Shivaani Ghai) has dragged Sophie (Meagan Tandy) into it, but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing now that she knows there's a chance Kate's still alive- and now, so does Jacob (Dougray Scott). Mary (Nicole Kang) came face-to-face with skilled hitman Victor Szasz (Alex Morf), who[...]
Meanwhile, Mary's (Nicole Kang) all-in on Wilder's run as Gotham's newest defender, but the following preview images show that she has other matters taking precedent, like the appearance of  Victor Szasz (Alex Morf)- and where he goes, a body count is sure to follow Still not enough? Jacob's still dealing with the loss of his daughter[...]
Both Ryan and Mary have real reasons to want Alice dead Is their pursuit justice? Or just revenge? And while these threads are laid out, they're not developed quite as well as they could be Here's hoping there's more of this as the season continues. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Batwoman 2×03 Promo[...]
Batwoman _ Season 2 Episode 2 _ Dual Interrogations Scene _ The CW 0-3 screenshot
So you know what that means? Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang) have some serious explaining to do But as you're about to see from the following clip, Luke and Mary can more than hold their own- especially when Jacob and Sophie both have questions about Kate that they need to answer for themselves. Batwoman[...]
Batwoman Star Nicole Kang on How Mary Empowers Ryan Wilder
With the first season's lead missing in action, Kate's extended family of Alice (Rachel Skarsten), Mary (Nicole Kang), Luke (Camrus Johnson), Sophie (Meagan Tandy), and Jacob (Dougray Scott) are each left looking for answers- and to pick up the pieces Now, viewers get to learn how one of Kate's closest is dealing with things when the[...]
A conversation with Glenn Howerton from A.P. Bio (Image: NBCU)
Bio with interviews with series stars Glenn Howerton (Jack Griffin), Lyric Lewis (Stef), Mary Sohn (Mary), Jean Villepique (Michelle), and Paula Pell (Helen), each of them offering their perspectives on the series' return and what viewers can expect Now, the day arrives and the doors to Whitlock High have been thrown open and- wait, what?[...]
A.P. Bio Season 3 Interview: Lyric Lewis, Mary Sohn & Jean Villepique (Image: NBCU)
First up, we had a chance to speak with Lyric Lewis (Stef), Mary Sohn (Mary), and Jean Villepique (Michelle)- and in the interview below, we discuss what it was like when the news came down that the series would be returning, what viewers can expect from the new season, and best of all? Lewis, Sohn,[...]
'Supernatural' Season 14, Episode 18: "Absence" Makes Jack's Heart Grow Colder [PREVIEW]
After the stunt he pulls with Mary (Samantha Smith), they all need to know what kind of soulless Jack they are dealing with Join me in agonizing over these teasers… Supernatural s14e18 "Absence": THE STATE OF BEING AWAY – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) continue to worry about the condition of Jack's (Alexander Calvert)[...]
'A.P. Bio' Season 2, Episode 2: I Am Jack's Fear of "Nuns" [SPOILER REVIEW]
BIO — "Nuns" Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Lyric Lewis as Stef, Jean Villepique as Michelle, Mary Sohn as Mary — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC) After Jack decided last week's quest for "Happiness" was a bit rushed – and nearly kiling his class in the process – Jack is going to take his time to really get[...]
It is fitting, albeit bittersweet, that Winchesters sacrifice their happiness once more – but this time they do it together as a family. Supernatural — "Lebanon" — Image Number: SN1413D_0114b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam, Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester — Photo: Dean[...]
'Supernatural' @ 300: Our 10 Most Beloved (and Delightfully Hated) Characters
We couldn't bring ourselves to rank them…so we'll introduce them chronologically, instead. SEVERAL SEASONS WORTH OF SPOILERS AHEAD! Supernatural –"All Along the Watchtower" — SN1223c_0066 .jpg — Pictured: Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC[...]