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World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Announced
Ziggurat Interactive and Mega Cat Studios confirmed they are planning to release World Championship Boxing Manager 2 onto consoles this May The game came out for PC back in January and has been a pretty decent hit for the company as the sequel pushes you to the limit to train the next great world champion[...]
Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood Revealed For PC On Steam
Developed by Mega Cat Studios, you play as the titular character, carrying out missions for your master against whoever may be standing in your way Channel the powers he has bestowed upon you as you slaughter enemies with weapons and abilities, chow down on the bugs around you, and wipe the slate clean of everything[...]
Skybound Entertainment Promotes Investment In Mega Cat Studios
Skybound Entertainment sent out a promotion this week, letting people know they made a substantial investment in Mega Cat Studios Mega Cat is currently in the process of developing their wrestling-0theme RPG title WrestleQuest, which Skybound is going to publish, so the move makes perfect sense for everyone involved According to the press release sent[...]
Mega Cat Studios & Skybound Games Announce WrestleQuest
Skybound Games and Mega Cat Studios have posted a new trailer for WrestleQuest as they revealed the new release window We've been chomping at the bit, waiting to find out when we'd finally see this game released, and some of us were hoping it would be before year's end But that is not the case,[...]
Mega Cat Studios & Skybound Games Announce WrestleQuest
Skybound Games and Mega Cat Studios have dropped a new trailer for WrestleQuest as they show off new content and a slice of the combat The game shows off how the RPG elements come into play as you'll choose moves and combos against your opponents, both as a solo wrestler and in a tag team[...]
Mega Cat Studios & Skybound Games Announce WrestleQuest
Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games revealed a brand new wrestling adventure game on the way called WrestleQuest This game is an RPG adventure title that will have fully licensed wrestlers from the past taking part in a quest to become the greatest of all time How will you control your destiny of going from[...]
World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Announced
Ziggurat Interactive and Mega Cat Studios revealed their next game as we're getting the indie sequel World Championship Boxing Manager 2 The game appears to have retained a lot of what the original so special, while also having a ton of improvements that make this an old-school-looking title with modern mechanics You'll be taking on[...]
Evercade Announces Mega Cat Studios Collection 2
Evercade has revealed another collection of retro game titles on the way with Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 Unlike the previous collection which had 17 games to choose from, this time around it only has eight But the eight they have are some of the more expansive and experimental games of the bunch, many of[...]
Bite The Bullet Gets A new Trailer As It Heads To The PS4 First
Graffiti Games and Mega Cat Studios dropped a new trailer this week for Bite The Bullet as the game will now be coming to PS4 as well The action RPG has been toted as the first "Run & Gun & Eat" game as what you end up devouring for sustenance determines the perks you get[...]
Mega Cat Studios Releases New Video For "Bite The Bullet"
Mega Cat Studios decided to release a brand new video for Bite The Bullet, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the game You get a good look at the gameplay this time around and see what the game is all about as you become the weapon you digest Enjoy the look as we wait for[...]
Jammin' Logs with Log Jammers at PAX West! You Heard Me!
One of the cooler visits we had at PAX West was checking out the game from Mega Cat Studios, such as Log Jammers It also helped that they had a couch for us to sit on, which is a sticking point for us when it comes to developers Bring chairs! Anyway, if Log Jammers looks[...]
Little Medusa Released as a Cartridge Game for SNES and Genesis
Mega Cat Studios released a brand new 16-bit indie title this week called Little Medusa, but this one was created to be an old-school cartridge title The game itself is a classic dungeon crawler where you play a kid version of the Greek villain who could turn objects to stone that looked at her, as[...]
Fork Parker's Crunch Out is Finally Being Released on SNES
Devolver Digital made the announcement this weekend that they will finally be releasing Fork Parker's Crunch Out in partnership with Mega Cat Studios and Take This for an SNES version complete with cartridge and box art The game basically focuses on the life of being a game developer and how your projects often end up in[...]