More Hasbro Marvel Roleplay, Finally I can Wear A Star Lord Helmet To Work

Hasbro Star Lord helmet 2

Hasbro had some success last year entering the roleplay market with their Marvel Legends Prop Replica line, including an Iron Man helmet and a Captain America shield that i greatly enjoyed. The question was would they keep going with it after those two offerings, as they were a hit, but not flying out of stores or anything. Today we got our answer as the officially unveiled the next two offering in the line, coincidentally both from movies coming out this year. Imagine that!

Hasbro Mjolnir 2

The first is the one I will probably be buying, as a Star Lord helmet is coming. Movie accurate, it will come with full electronics and light up eyes so you can mine other planets for orbs containing infinity stones. Just like the Iron Man helmet, it will retail for $99.99 and fits most adult heads, this one isn't really for kiddies. Collectors are the focus for these, and the quality and price reflect that.
Hasbor Star Lord Helmet 1

Next is there full-size replica Mjolnir as wielded by Thor of course. While this version is not metal (who could lift it?!?!) the hammer itself is massive in size being that it is a full-size replica. The lights and sounds are a bit of a weird addition seeing as that is not really what this line is about, but i guess just don't activate those features and you will be good. the included stand for it is awesome as well, I love when display pieces are packed in. This one will also be retailing for $99.99.

Hasbro Mjolnir 1

Good news as well is that these will be going up for preorder this Saturday on Amazon, and judging by when the Cap shield and Iron Man helmet popped up last year, expect these in stores this summer.

Originally spotted on i09.

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