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Naomi Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: Time for Dee & Zumbado to Throw Down
After a week off, Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship's Kaci Walfall-starring Naomi returns this week after an emotional gut-punch of an episode that definitely has us looking at Zumbado (Cranston Johnson) differently… assuming what we're being shown is true, of course And let's not forget the layers of reveals that Naomi learned about herself, like[...]
The Nature Of Naomi’s Super Powers & How She Could Take Down Superman
I got a little annoyed in the last issue of Naomi Season Two, as Naomi joins the Justice League and sits at the table in the Halls Of Justice And they discuss Superman's apparent extreme vulnerability to magic. Here's the thing – that's not meant to be the case Superman is indeed vulnerable to magic in[...]
Zumbado Deals Naomi Some Shocking Truths: Season 1 Episode 7 Preview
After six episodes, it looks like The CW's Ava DuVernay & Jill Blankenship's Kaci Walfall-starring Naomi is about to start offering up some answers- and from the looks of things in this week's episode "I Am Not a Used Car Salesman," it's not a moment too soon But though the episode description reads that Naomi[...]
Cover image for Naomi Season 2 #1
Naomi denies fighting Shazadam to the death in this preview of Naomi Season 2 #1, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics But does it really matter what did or didn't happen? We're living in a post-truth world For example, DC seems to insist on calling Shazadam "Black Adam." Talk about fake news! Check out the[...]
After last week's eye-opening return, it's time for a little Port Oswego tradition in the form of "Homecoming" during this week's episode of The CW, Ava DuVernay & Jill Blankenship's Kaci Walfall-starring Naomi But much like everything else this season, this year's celebration won't quite be like any others in the past And we're not[...]
Naomi S01E05 "Shadow Ridge" Preview: Someone's Coming for Our Hero
After a long-ish winter's nap, The CW's DC Universe shows return in a big way this week, with the next episode of Ava DuVernay & Jill Blankenship's Kaci Walfall-starring Naomi finding our hero still processing her run-in with that bounty hunter and left with even more questions than before But as you're about to see[...]
Legends of Tomorrow & Batwoman Season Finale Overviews Released & More
While we all know already that Superman & Lois, Naomi, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman will be back starting next week, we're getting a chance to peek behind the curtain for some clues as to what lies ahead for two shows reaching the ends of their respective seasons while two others keep heating things[...]
Future Glimpses Of The DC Universe
Such futures are always up in the air…   Queen Naomi in Justice League Annual 2022 …but when it's a character that Brian Bendis co-created like Naomi McDuffie, who also has her own TV series now, and he is writing this story, then maybe it might have a little more weight to know that one day she will[...]
Legends of Tomorrow, Superman & Lois, Batwoman, Naomi Ep Info Released
So how about the condition that The CW's Arrowverse has been left in heading into the end of this week, huh? And with all of the dangling plotlines, guess what? That's right, it's time for the shows to take a break for a few weeks but Superman & Lois and Naomi will be back on[...]
Naomi Looks to Dee for Guidance: Season 1 E03 "Zero to Sixty" Images
With this week's episode of The CW's Naomi both answering some questions while raising a whole bunch of others, is it anyone else getting the feels that Naomi (Kaci Walfall) is her world's "Superman"? And that the way she reacted during the Superman incident in the first episode was some kind of weird "feedback" from[...]
Superman & Lois S02E04 and Naomi S01E04 Official Overviews Released
While this week may bring the second episodes of The CW's Superman & Lois as well as Naomi, who's to say we can't have fun with some "timey-wimey" stuff and look to the future To be more precise, a look ahead to the first week of February and the fourth episode of each respective series[...]
Naomi Faces a Multiverse of "Super" Possibilities in New Trailer
This Tuesday, Ava DuVernay & Jill Blankenship's (Arrow) Naomi will change the world of Kaci Walfall's Naomi McDuffie forever Based on Brian Michael Bendis, Jamal Campbell, and David F Walker's comic book creation, the series kicks off with a mysterious incident involving The Man of Steel shaking her hometown to the core, inspiring Naomi to uncover its[...]
Naomi: DuVernay On Not Believing Everything You Think; Trailer Monday
Walker's comic book creation to life when Ava DuVernay & Jill Blankenship (Arrow) Naomi hits our screens on Tuesday, January 11 (along with the second season premiere of Superman & Lois) Now the last time we checked in with the series, DuVernay was giving viewers the heads-up on if there will be any Arrowverse crossovers (not for[...]
Naomi Season 1 Episode 2 Images Released; Cast Teases What's To Come
Walker's comic book creation, we're getting a chance to look ahead to the second episode of the Kaci Walfall-starring Naomi And without going too deep into spoilers of any kind, Naomi (Walfall) begins to understand that there's much more to her than she could've ever realized And the person who holds some of the answers[...]
If you've been following our coverage of The CW's Superman & Lois, Naomi, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman, then you know we like to do our part to keep you up to date on what's going on with the seasons as well as the individual episodes So far, we've been able to bring you[...]