Great Copy Of Original Super Smash Bros. Is On Auction Right Now

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Super Smash Bros. collectors are madmen, and nowhere is that more evident than on the vintage gaming scene. I remember when this game was releasing, I worked at Suncoast Video next to an Electronics Boutique store, and there were advertisements for it, and I thought to myself, "Who wants to play a fighting game with Mario?" Turns out, everyone. That Super Smash Bros. has had such a cultural impact has to shock even Nintendo themselves, though. There is no denying it; this is maybe the most important game series of the last 25 years. Over at Heritage Auctions right now, they are taking live bids for a graded 8.5 sealed copy of the game. At $9,000 and ending this afternoon, the only question is how high it can go. Check it out below.

Great Copy Of Original Super Smash Bros. Is On Auction Right Now
Super Smash Bros. Credit Heritage Auctions

Super Smash Bros. Is An Unlikely Classic, Now Watch It Outsell Most

"Super Smash Bros – Wata 8.5 A++ Sealed, N64 Nintendo 1999 USA. One of our favorite N64 games joins the fray! This game is where the universally popular, best-selling party fighting game got its start. We would imagine there are many collectors out there who would be ecstatic to call this copy their own. In-hand, this copy's eye appeal is just awesome. Overall it's a fantastic-looking Wata 8.5 — especially from the front — where there are no major visual detractors to speak of. Even though there is a corner on the back of the box that's not quite as sharp as it could be, it certainly doesn't take away from the eye appeal. In its time, this game sold a lot of copies — approximately 5.5 million units. An impressive figure for sure, but it is entirely dwarfed by the sort of sales numbers the most recent iteration in the series has racked up — over 18 million. That's a lot of fans to "brawl" with, and we can imagine that there are quite a few who are eyeing this copyright about now."

You can go right here to bid on this Super Smash Bros. auction before it closes. While there, check out the other games taking bids today, along with comics, artwork, and more.

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