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Providence, Mercury Heat, Crossed: Badlands And Crossed +100 This Week From Avatar Press
Big week for Avatar Press as 4 different books hit the shelves including Crossed: Badlands, Crossed +100, Mercury Heat and Providence. Crossed: Badlands #86 In the heart-stopping conclusion of "The Lesser of Two Evils," the remaining bridge survivors must fight for their lives… Against each other! After their humane gesture to save the lives of Morgan and[...]
Advance Review Of Providence #5: 'It's Like A Maze You Can't See'
For justifiable reasons, it's a big part of the series Providence, written by Alan Moore and illustrated painstakingly by Jacen Burrows, not to give any spoilers of what lies ahead, but there's certainly been plenty of speculation, and this is fertile ground for imaginative predictions based on how in-depth your knowledge of the Lovecraftian universe[...]
Providence, Crossed: Badlands And War Stories This Week From Avatar Press
But having lived in the relative safety that the collapsed bridge provides since the beginning of the outbreak, can the team possibly be prepared for what they will find down on the ground, among the roving gangs of Crossed? Available with Regular Cover by Christian Zanier, Wraparound & Torture Covers by Raulo Caceres, C-Day Worldwide[...]
The Last Day Of The Virtual Alan Moore Comic Con Is Today – What Have You Bought?
They currently include Providence, The Courtyard, Neonomicon, Crossed +100 and Fashion Beast. Items start from $50, and multiple sales will qualify collectors to receive large numbers of Avatar digital titles as well. If you haven't clicked, click here now You don't have long….   It's the last day of the Alan Moore Virtual Comic Con today, in which[...]
The Alan Moore Virtual Comic Con Opens Its Doors
And he hasn't done any signings outside of England for decades. So, Avatar Press are presenting a virtual comic convention, for Alan Moore to sign Avatar comic books to you, wherever you are. From the current Providence series, the recently concluded first arc of Crossed +100, Courtyard that began his HP Lovecraft-based work for Avatar, Fashion Beast from[...]
5 New Books This Week From Avatar Press
Avatar Press has five new comics hitting shelves this week including Crossed: Badlands #83, Mercury Heat #2 and Providence #3. Crossed: Badlands #83 The bridge survivors might be beyond the grasp of the vile Crossed, but they're not out of the twisted murders' sight Led by "The Surgeon" and her crew, an alliance of Crossed practice their[...]
Alan Moore's Providence #2 In Shops This Week From Avatar Press
And then Alan Moore's Providence #2, the ad-free giant issue drawn by fan favorite artist Jacen Burrows. God is Dead #38 Mike Costa has crafted some tales worthy of the ancient mythologies that spawned them, but now something in the god ravaged world has changed.  After a hundred years of petty gods squabbling and destroying everything around[...]
In One Week (It's San Diego), In Two Weeks (It's Not Anymore)…
Next week, on the day San Diego Comic Con opens, as is traitional, there are lots of big comic book launches. We have Negative Space, Tomorrows, Mad Max Fury Road, Star Trek/Green Lantern, Bloodstrike, 1872, Age Of Apocalypse, Civil War, Spider-Island, Lando, Princeless: Raven Pirate Princess, Bornhome, Archie, Critter, Eternal Soulfire, Transference, Strange Fruit The Gun,[...]
Advance Review: Hold Onto Your Hats For Providence #2
On July 8th, the second issue of Providence arrives, the new series from Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows that delves deeply into the life, legend, and lore of H.P Lovecraft Set a few years before any of the fictional incidents in Lovecraft's actual stories, the series nevertheless places us firmly in a world Lovecraft fans[...]
Avatar Press' SDCC '15 Exclusives: Mercury Heat #1, Providence #2, Uber #25, Crossed #75
We're getting the first release of info on what Avatar Press are bringing to San Diego Comic-Con next month as their exclusives, and it's four different titles each with their own specific appeal. Mercury Heat #1 SDCC: limited to 350 copies ($9.99)  For those who have been waiting impatiently for Kieron Gillen and Omar Francia's newest created[...]