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Razer Reveals Multiple New Items During RazerCon 2021
Razer held their official convention RazerCon 2021 today as they revealed multiple products coming in the near future The biggest reveals for the day were a new version of the Kraken V3 Pro headset, a new Quartz version of their Book laptop, a brand new version of their gaming chairs called the Enki, several PC[...]
Razer Announces RazerCon Will Return On October 21st
Razer revealed today that they are bringing back the digital convention RazerCon, as the 2021 event will be held on October 21st As you might suspect from the name, this is going to be the company's biggest presentation of the year as they will reveal a number of new products coming over the next calendar[...]
Torchlight III Will Officially Launch On PC & Console On October 13th
During RazerCon this weekend, Perfect World Entertainment showed off the latest trailer for Torchlight III The video called "Welcome To The Frontier" was shown off as part of the event, showcasing new content not yet seen in the game including original animations, combat, and other info on the game for those who have never played[...]
Razer Announces A New Digital Event With RazerCon 2020
Razer has decided to get in on the online convention game by throwing their own event as they announced RazerCon 2020 today The event will take place on October 10th, 2020, and feature a number of panels, presentations, performances, and more All of which will be livestreamed across Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Razer has[...]