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PrintWatch: The Nice House On The Lake, Justice League, Second Coming
Little do they know, Randu Singh's mind is a maze that they could end up trapped in for good! Retail: $4.99   PrintWatch: Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #4 is going for a second printing as well. PrintWatch: Second Coming SECOND COMING ONLY BEGOTTEN SON #4 (OF 6) (RES) AHOY COMICS JUN218004 (W) Mark Russell (A) Leonard Kirk (A/CA) Richard Pace From Renegade[...]
Second Coming Gets A Sequel
Second Coming is getting a sequel… but it's not Third Coming No, the comic by Mark Russell and Richard Pace, rescued by Ahoy Comics from an over censorious DC Comics sees Jesus Christ returned to Earth and rooming with that world's most pre-eminent superhero, Sunstar. Second Coming: Only Begotten Son will be published on December 16th[...]
Second Coming Resurrected Again in AHOY Comics New Wave of Releases
We all remember when DC Comics canceled Jesus. Second Coming, a would-be Vertigo release about Jesus Christ returning to Earth for a second round, was canceled by the corporate publisher due to fears of blasphemy Interestingly enough, Vertigo collapsed soon after the decision to pull the comic, so perhaps the Heavens above wanted this story to[...]
Second Coming #1 Gets a Second Printing – It Has Risen Again, Hallelujah
Second Coming, the comic book that Bleeding Cool was unintentionally partially to blame for getting bowdlerised, then pulled from DC Comics, was published yesterday Mark Russell and Richard Pace's book also came out on much better quality paper than it would have done over at Vertigo, with a whole bunch of backmatter stuffed in the[...]
Ahoy Comics to Publish Controversial Jesus Comic, Second Coming
Ahoy Comics has picked up Second Coming, the controversial comic by Mark Russell and Richard Pace that was originally set to be published by Vertigo until DC Comics, under assault from conservative religious groups, trying to find their way under a new corporate organization, and still suffering from the effects of showing Batman's naked penis[...]
When Fox News Suddenly Notices an Article About Jesus You Ran in August
Back in August last year, Bleeding Cool contributor Mike Sangregorio interviewed Mark Russell about his upcoming DC Comics comic book Second Coming with Richard Pace. Which features Jesus Christ returning to Earth and rooming with Superman analogue Sun-Man It's clearly a satire. Today, Fox News seems to have come across the interview and made it a news[...]
Jesus Returns in March at Vertigo, and He Won't Like What He Finds
Second Coming, by Mark Russell and Richard Pace, sees Jesus Christ return to Earth and move in with a superhero, Sun-Man, known as the "Last Son of Krispex." And just as would likely happen if the real (fictional) Jesus were to return in real life, this fictional Jesus is none too pleased to learn how[...]