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The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith Part 4: Simisear VSTAR
Credit: Pokémon TCG Simisear is an unlikely choice for a pair of Ultra Rares in the final Sword & Shield special set, but hey — why not, right? This Fire-type monkey Pokémon is illustrated by 5ban Graphics on both the V and the VSTAR, though collectors looking for some variety can also look for the Simisear Special Illustration[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan: VSTAR Universe Preview: Simisear VSTAR SAR
Credit: Pokémon TCG I never would've thought Simisear would get such a strong feature in the final Sword & Shield-era set, but here we are Simisear VSTAR comes to us courtesy of 5ban Graphics, the design studio known for 3D-style Ultra Rares for years now The super-stylized Special Art Rare depicts Simisear in a cartoony, almost chibi-style form[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Brilliant Stars Part 7: Simisear & Kingler
Today, we'll take a look at two of the set's Ultra Rares with Simisear V and Kingler V. Cards of Brilliant Stars Credit: Pokémon TCG When it comes to the Simis (Simisage, Simipour, Simisear) in the Pokémon TCG, Simisear here is the only one to ever receive a Pokémon-V[...]