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'The Magicians' Stella Maeve to Marry 'Deadly Class' Assassin
Actors from two of my favorite shows of this past year are going to tie the knot soon, according to their social media pages. Stella Maeve, who plays Julia on The Magicians, is now engaged to Deadly Class actor Benjamin Wadsworth for about three weeks now. View this post on Instagram. Most reactions on social media were pretty[...]
'The Magicians' Season 4, Episode 6: Penny's Stuck in "A Timeline and Place" [PREVIEW]
Quentin then pretty much brought ruin and devastation to the world, and the Penny of that timeline wandered said hellscape, scavenging to stay alive. When Julia (Stella Maeve) and Josh (Trevor Einhorn) traveled from the 40th Timeline to the 23rd Timeline, they met Penny and Marina–both dead in current continuity Josh and Julia decided to bring[...]
'The Magicians' Plays Mystically Satisfying Round of "Marry, F**k, Kill" [SPOILER REVIEW]
Kill" Episode 404 — Pictured: Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY) "Marry, F**k, KIll" is entirely about relationships, with Quentin (Jason Ralph) navigating his father's death, "Darth Eliot" (Hale Appleman) navigating human emotions, and Penny (Arjun Gupta) navigating his affection for Julia (Stella Maeve). Even Alice (Olivia Dudley) finds herself working through her[...]
"The Bad News Bear" Gets All Snugly with 'The Magicians' [SPOILER REVIEW]
These scenes allowed for moments of genuine tenderness and empathy between Quentin and Julia (Stella Maeve)- it was great to see these two old friends reconnect in such a real and relatable way. Seriously, Margo might be the smartest character on the show The way she handles the Monster, knowing full well that anything the rest[...]
"The Bad News Bear" Comes A-Callin' for 'The Magicians' [PREVIEW]
Now, thanks to Julia's (Stella Maeve) meddling, the Monster has gathered everyone together–and looks to get even with them for their indiscretions Poor Quentin (Jason Ralph) is the only one who knows what's going on with this god-level menace, with the rest of the crew unaware that Eliot (Hale Appleman) is being worn like a[...]
The Magicians Season 4: Conjure Yourself Current with Our Mega-Recap (BC REWIND)
He and his best friend Julia (Stella Maeve) were enamored with the Fillory and Further fantasy books when they were kids–but while Julia has moved on in life, Quintin cannot: he still adores the Fillory books, and finds a life without the magic those books bring into his life greatly lacking. Courtesy SYFY Quintin and Julia's lives[...]
The Magicians: Watch SYFY Pull a Season 5 Out of Its Hat, Rocky!
Quintin is joined by fellow magicians Eliot (Hale Appleman), Julia (Stella Maeve), Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley), Penny (Arjun Gupta), Margo (Summer Bishil), and Kady (Jade Tailor) as they travel to the magical world of Fillory, dabble in royalty, and thwart the plans of gods and creatures older than time. THE MAGICIANS — "Will You Play With[...]
The Magicians Season 4: Magic is a Monster in SYFY Series Official Trailer
The season ended with The Monster finding a mind-wiped Quentin, and Season 4 will pick up with The Monster seeking out the others, and something else… THE MAGICIANS stars Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman, Arjun Gupta, Summer Bishil, Rick Worthy, Jade Tailor, Brittany Curran and Trevor Einhorn The series is executive produced[...]
It takes 40 tries and then she is killed, preventing a 41st try — which is good, because they finally got it right. In the latest episode, Josh (Trevor Einhorn) and Julia (Stella Maeve) travel to a different timeline, the 23 timeline, and find alternate versions of Josh, Penny (Arjun Gupta), Alice (Olivia Dudley Taylor), Marina[...]
But these inside look videos they've been doing this season give bit of the feel of the series, along with some pretty interesting moments with the cast. The most recent episode continued the story of Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) and Julia (Stella Maeve) Julia spent the first season desperately trying to learn magic, but now she's[...]
Eliot commissions the Muntjac for the quest voyage, thinking this would be his chance to get away from the kingdom, only to have Fen invite herself along and bring Fray. Meanwhile, Kady (Jade Tailor) is trying to find a magic battery to save Penny (Arjun Gupta), Quenting (Jason Ralph) and Julia (Stella Maeve) are trying to[...]
Magic is gone because Quentin (Jason Ralph) killed a god, yet Julia (Stella Maeve) can still do some tiny bits of magic The Elves have taken over Fillory leaving Eliot (Hale Appleman) and Margo (Summer Bishil) as figurehead monarchs Penny (Arjun Gupta) and Kady (Jade Tailor) are trying to figure out their relationship, and Alice[...]
Magicians season 3
Except things have changed drastically in the third season as magic has left the world. In the scene below features Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) and Julia Wicker (Stella Maeve) trying to figure out why she is the only one left who can still do magic Julia thinks it's random after a god helped her get her[...]
'The Magicians': A Frank, Emotional Talk About Trauma And Mental Illness At NYCC
From Bleeding Cool reporter Amanda Gurall:   Syfy presented The Magicians at the Hammerstein Ballroom at NYCC with executive producers Sera Gamble and John McNamera and cast members Jason Ralph (Quentin), Stella Maeve (Julia), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice), Arjun Gupta (Penny) and Hale Appleman (Eliot) Summer Bishil, who plays Margo, was sick and did not attend. The Magicians Season[...]
The footage shows some pretty interesting scenes including Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Julia (Stella Maeve) searching for a dragon… who hates millenials. The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on Syfy. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: THE MAGICIANS at WonderCon: Supertease | SYFY ( Syfy teased the last three episodes of The Magicians at[...]
Julia And The Beast – Meet The 12 Fingered Man
He has struck up a working relationship with Julia (Stella Maeve) to hunt down a god It's a very unique dynamic. The Magicians season two kicks off on January 25th. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: THE MAGICIANS | Season 2: 'The Beast' | SYFY ( Syfy has been promoting the return of The Magicians[...]
The Magicians Give Really Bad Advice On Adulting… Which I Guess Is Now A Word
Are we accepting "Adulting" as a word now? I'm not sure if Syfy will stand behind Eliot Waugh's (Hal Appleman) recommendation of drinking to deal with important issues, but Julia Wicker (Stella Maeve) offers up some good reasons to not summon a trickster god… so there is that. The Magicians returns for season two on January[...]
If Magic Were Real, Would It Solve All Your Problems? – New Trailer For The Magicians
The series starts Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley and Arjun Gupta. The Magicians season 2 premieres January 25th. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: THE MAGICIANS | Season 2: Trailer #3 | SYFY ( The newest trailer for Syfy's returning series The Magicians answers the question: "If Magic was real, would it solve[...]
Magic Is Dying… The First Trailer For The Magicians Season 2
This is definitely NOT Harry Potter. The cast lead by Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley and Arjun Gupta are breathing strong life into their literary counterparts The Magicians is based on a book series by Lev Grossman and focuses on two childhood friends, Quentin and Julia, who grew up loving a series of children's[...]
The Magic Of The Magicians – Talking Season Two At NYCC
He is a reluctant giver." Stella Maeve (Julia) said  "The characters in The Magicians are beautifully flawed, they use magic as a metaphor for real life problems You see these people in these situations that happen to you and me, and we use that as the outsource tool to make it fantastical but it's all relating[...]
SyFy Releases First Episode Of The Magicians Early For Streaming
The series also stars: Stella Maeve, Hale Appleman, Arjun Gupta and Summer Bishil. [youtube][/youtube]. SyFy has made the first episode of their new series The Magicians available on Youtube in the U.S (not sure of international region restrictions) The series is based on the novels of Lev Grossman and tell the story of Quentin Coldwater (Jason[...]
First Trailer For SyFy's The Magicians
The cast includes Jason Ralph as Quentin, Stella Maeve as Julia, Arjun Gupta as Penny, Hale Appleman as Eliot, Summer Bishil as Margo (Janet in the novels), and Sosie Bacon as Alice. The Magicians is set to premiere in 2016. [youtube][/youtube] Harry Potter for adults… that is the popular way of describing Lev Grossman's trilogy The Magicians[...]