THE ISSUE: Enter Sandman

THE ISSUE: Enter Sandman

Cobb wrote science fiction among other genres throughout his career, most famously in the 1901 Golden Hours serial To Mars With Tesla The story To Mars With Tesla is extraordinary It's likely one of the most famous dime novel stories ever, and it's one of my favorite things Tesla vs Edison, and Edison has a[...]

Tesla will release from IFC in August.

IFC FIlms Will Release Ethan Hawke Film Tesla On August 21st

Tesla, a new look at the electricity race between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, will finally see release on August 21st The film was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival 2020 and stars Ethan Hawke as Tesla Also in the cast are Kyle MacLachlan, Eve Hewson, Jim Gaffigan, Hannah Gross, and Ebon Moss-Bacharach[...]

Tesla Cars Will Be Getting "Stardew Valley" In The Software

For some really odd reason, it looks like Tesla has made a deal to have the farming game Stardew Valley installed in their cars Elon Musk himself tweeted the news, letting owners know that the cars would be getting a software update adding the game among others to the media library This also comes with[...]

Cuphead Added An Update That Lets You Choose Characters

Cuphead Is Being Installed In Tesla Cars For Some Reason

Those of you reading this who actually own a Tesla will be getting a new video game added to it soon as the company will be installing Cuphead Elon Musk himself made the announcement on the company's official podcast called Ride The Lightning on Episode #200 According to Musk, the game will be coming to[...]


Elon Musk Wants Help Putting Games In Tesla Cars

Elon Musk has tweeted out a request, asking game developers to pitch his company to potentially make for Tesla cars.Elon Musk tweets some pretty wild stuff, all of the time You could fill a whole blog just about some of the out there ideas he has, be they ethically questionable and not entirely effective all[...]


Tesla on Fire: Actress Tweets Video of Husband's Car in Flames

Actress Mary McCormack, known for her roles in the West Wing, In Plain Sight, and Loaded, took to social media last night to share a video of her husband's Tesla Model S as it was in flames on the side of the road.She says her husband, director Michael Morris, was barely moving in traffic when[...]

tesla movie ethan hawke

We're Finally Getting a Nikola Tesla Biopic – Starring Ethan Hawke?

Nikola Tesla is one of the most underappreciated brilliant minds that helped shape our modern technology He was (until recently) left out of almost all school books when praising *that villain* Thomas Alva Edison's "contributions" to invention and modernization of electricity.  He also wasn't officially credited his radio patent dues until more recently, too.[caption id="attachment_793423" align="aligncenter" width="433"][...]

SpaceX Is Less Than 15 Minutes From Launching Falcon Heavy

If you recall, Elon Musk announced that on this particular launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket would contain his personal Tesla which will be blasting David Bowie's "Life On Mars".We're anxiously awaiting the launch, which is counting down now.  You can watch the livestream on SpaceX's website, twitter, and facebook page.https://twitter.com/SpaceX/status/960972215729537024[...]

Elon Musk Plays With The Boring Company Flamethrower

We're still not sure if Elon Musk is going to turn out to be the savior of mankind/humanity or Zorg from Fifth Element.  Seriously, only time is gonna answer this question, right? Maybe you've heard about the Boring Company and their pre orders for the official company flamethrower.  No, that's not a joke, it's a real thing.  […]

David Bowie memorial

Happy Birthday, David Bowie – We Miss You, Starman

He was The Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, a scary monster and vampire, the Goblin King, Nikola Tesla, and at the end with "Blackstar", himself.[caption id="attachment_772025" align="aligncenter" width="600"] My self-made costume tribute to Bowie's iconic Union Jack coat, created by Alexander McQueen for the Earthling album cover and tour.[/caption]He continues to inspire generations of artmakers,[...]

Elon Musk

Tesla's Elon Musk Wants to Send One of His Sportsters to Mars – Next Month

Tesla and SpaceX CEO and modern-age Steve Jobs, Elon Musk has announced what he's going to be sending into space next month as part of the launch of the Falcon Heavy from Cape Canaveral's legendary Apollo 11 launch pad - 39A.[caption id="attachment_672959" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)[/caption]Tonight he first[...]

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First Trailer For The Current War Hits; Not Enough Tesla

There are far fewer who know who Nikola Tesla was, but thanks to Elon Musk for helping with that.There is a lot that can be said about the War of the Currents, the highly publicized back and forth between AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) being the way to go in 1880-1890 for delivering electricity[...]

Elon Musk And 115 Experts Call On UN To Ban AI Weapons

Barely a week after his non-profit OpenAI organization's game-playing bot crushed the world's best human competition in this year's International DOTA 2 Championships, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has joined a group of international experts in an open letter calling for the UN to ban Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems The open letter comes in[...]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – From Spider-Man & The X-Men To Lovecraft & Tesla

Next week sees the launch of Bitch Planet, Spider-Man & The X-Men, Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla, Eternal, Lady Demon and The Valiant.And the week after sees Multiversity Thunderworld, Smallville Season 11 and Rumble.DARK HORSE COMICSABE SAPIEN #18 $3.50GOON OCCASION OF REVENGE #4 $3.50ITTY BITTY COMICS THE MASK #2 $2.99PROMETHEUS FIRE AND STONE #4 $3.50X #20 (MR) $2.99DC COMICSASTRO CITY[...]

900,000 Copies Of Each Of Red Giant Entertainment's Comics Coming To Stores In December

With, it seems, a giant size circulation.... GIANT-SIZE ACTION will feature TESLA (a buddy action series featuring historical characters Nicola Tesla and Mark Twain), written by Terry Keefe & David Lawrence with art by Bong Dazo; and WAYWARD SONS (modern descendants of mythic heroes, now in development as a feature film), written by Benny Powell and[...]

Tesla's Ashes, From Museum To Church

It is reported that the ashes of scientist maverick and genius Nikolai Tesla (pictured above) are to be moved from the Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia, where they have been kept since 1957 His remains will now be kept at St Sava's Temple, with a monument to honour the man, alongsideThe agreement was made between[...]

Disney Update On Just About Everything – Muppets, Marvel, Pirates And More

Both of these Marvel movies will be released in 3D.As will 1952, Brad Bird's secret-ish sci-fi film that we think might just be about Nikolai Tesla but very probably isn't George Clooney is going to star and we understand there are key roles for kids too, including a teenage girl Maybe there are UFOs in it, somewhere, maybe there[...]

Is Brad Bird's Secretive Sci-Fi Movie About Nikola Tesla?

Previously codenamed 1952, the upcoming sci-fi picture from Brad Bird and writers Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen is now said to be going by the name Tesla As in Nikola, the inventor, engineer and physicist.At the same time, we learn that George Clooney has entered into the frame and is likely to take the lead[...]