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Fast X Director Louis Leterrier Knows How The Fast Saga Ends
While there is now some debate whether or not that "ending" will be three films or two, this franchise that has been going pretty strong since 2001 is wrapping up. Louis Leterrier came into The Fast Saga pretty late in the game after Justin Lin left Fast X mere days into production[...]
Fast X:
When someone joins The Fast Saga, there are a lot of things that would come with that sort of casting You know you're joining a massive franchise that had an absolutely insane amount of money over going on ten films It has become extremely important to the core cast, and joining this cast is joining[...]
Fast X: Final Trailer Teases The End Of The Road
The Fast Saga has been going strong since 2001 and has become a massive franchise for Universal and important to the people involved with the films We got the final trailer today, teasing the beginning of the end of the road that comes out this Friday. Perhaps saying that this is the "beginning of the end[...]
Fast X: 8 High-Quality Images Released
The Fast Saga is ending, and that end is looking to be spread out over two movies Universal isn't shying away from the fact that this is the franchise's ending either with this new trailer for Fast X that was released today It's called the "open road" trailer and mostly focuses on the relationship between[...]
Fast X: 8 High-Quality Images Released
When it came down that Justin Lin was leaving Fast X just as production was kicking off, it looked like things weren'touldn't end well for the second to last entry in The Fast Saga Nothing good ever comes from a director walking away from a project after things have already started Universal seemed to be scrambling[...]
Universal Has Released The First Poster For Fast X
Get #FASTX tickets now: — The Fast Saga (@TheFastSaga) February 10, 2023 Fast X had a bit of a bumpy road last year The production got off the ground after COVID-19 delayed the 9th entry in the series, but mere days into the production, director Justin Lin walked away amid a flood of rumors that[...]
Universal Has Released The First Poster For Fast X
The Fast Saga has another entry coming out later this year, and it is the penultimate chapter before this unexpected mega franchise comes to an end Who would have thought when that first movie came out in 2001 that 22 years later we'd be gearing up for the tenth film without a hint of irony?[...]
Fast X: Vin Diesel Shares A Photo, Trailer Will Be Released Next Month
Last week, Vin Diesel took to social media to give everyone an update on the next installment in The Fast Saga called Fast X It's the second to last movie in the surprisingly successful series that has been going strong since 2001 Diesel shared a picture of his character, Dominic Toretto, and that the first trailer for[...]
My Spy | Official Trailer | In Theaters April 17, 2020
It feels like he is following The Rock's Hollywood Playbook, which means he will join The Fast Saga in part 10 Both he and his co-star Chole Coleman have great chemistry here, and the film looks like fun It is a shame that we can't see this in theaters, but at least it will have[...]
Dwayne Johnson at the AFI FEST 2016 Premiere of 'Moana' held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, USA on November 14, 2016. Editorial credit: Tinseltown /
"[We] just gotta figure out the creative right now, and the direction we're going to go." As the latest film in the Fast Saga has been delayed, and realistically starts to wrap up presumably after the tenth film, another Hobbs & Shaw would be welcome by Universal Not to mention fans, as ridiculous as the first[...]