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Batman #49 cover by Mikel Janin
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Catwoman ambushes the Joker in the church Batman is still incapacitated, so it's up to Selina to bring down the Clown Prince The battle is swift and brutal, with Catwoman's stomach shot and Joker's neck slashed Neither is in the position to finish the other off, so they do what they did in the[...]
Cesar Romero's The Joker Suit Sells for $89,600 at Auction
One of the top-tier items from today's selection of pieces (540 to be exact) was Cesar Romero's The Joker costume from Batman. Originally estimated to bring in somewhere between $8,000 and $12,000 the signature pink and green suit went for $89,600. There were other notable pieces of Batman items too, like one of Adam West's pinstripe Bruce Wayne suits from the[...]
Mandatory Brunch Meeting
He started out playing Jerome Valeska, whom the writers referred to as the prototype for the Joker, but not necessarily the Joker himself Then this season we were introduced to Jeremiah Valeska, Jerome's twin brother also played by Monaghan, who has gone from being a reserved architect to being hit by Insanity Gas and is[...]
Mother Panic: Gotham A.D #2 cover by Tommy Lee Edwards
The Joker wandering in the background of this story makes for potential timebomb which will inevitably go off later in this arc, so that's something one can look forward to. The prominence of the Gotham City Sirens is much appreciated as well Selina, Pamela, and Harleen always make for a compelling trio when they are united. Mother[...]
Watch: Tommy Wiseau Auditioning to Play The Joker
Thanks to The Nerdist presents, we get to see The Room creator, writer, director, star Tommy Wiseau in an audition video to play The Joker. He doesn't look half bad, actually To explain a bit, rumors have mostly-but-not-really been all but confirmed that Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the ultimate Batman baddie in the upcoming live-action Joker origin story film. Wiseau started tweeting[...]
Joker and Harley Quinn by Alex Ross
One of the first villains to really become an iconic figure in his own right, The Joker first appeared in Batman #1 in 1940, created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson He has been Batman's arch-nemesis for almost 80 years and doesn't seem to be slowing down No one has ever pushed the[...]
Batman Who Laughs #1 cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] On another Earth, the Joker finally pushed Batman too far With Gotham burning and hundreds dead, the Joker pulls off one more antic It is one last gag to put in front of the Caped Crusader Before long, the Batman had enough and stopped Joker forever. But this was not without still one final gift[...]
Objectively The Greatest Pitch For A Joker Origin Movie Ever
Jared Leto is going to be The Joker in a Joker/Harley Quinn movie and Suicide Squad 2…but not in a Joker origin movie that Martin Scorsese is involved with…that won't be set in the DC cinematic universe Now Suicide Squad 2 is getting fast-tracked, as is the Joker/Harley Quinn movie…which now might be bumping Gotham[...]
New Images For Chapter 2 Of 'Batman: The Enemy Within' Revealed
Not to be overshadowed by all the Gamescom news, Telltale Games released new images from Batman: The Enemy Within, showing off the debut of Harley Quinn to the series, as well as a better look at Batman's suit above Gotham and John Doe who appears to be turning into The Joker The series itself has[...]