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Art Preview Of Cavan Scott and Jose Luis' Titans United #1 in September
Bleeding Cool mentioned a new Titans United series coming from DC Comics in September, now confirmed in the new DC Comics September solicitations Written by Cavan Scott, Bleeding Cool also has preview art from Jose Luis and Jonas Trindade from the first issue, showing a number of the Nightwing, Donna Troy, Superboy, Starfire, Raven, Beast[...]
Cavan Scott and Jose Luis Launch Titans United From DC Comics
Titans United! In February, DC Comics made a presentation to ComicsPRO and mentioned a bunch of new titles, namely Deathstroke Inc, a Harley Quinn Animated Series sequel, a Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary title, Elseworld, DC Vampires, Robin and Batman, Joker: A Puzzle Box, The Legend of Batman, Crush and Lobo, Nubia and the Amazons and DC[...]