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When the Post Office Ruined Fantastic Four for Tom Brevoort
Marvel Executive Tom Brevoort was expecting a very nice page of Aaron Kuder artwork for his collection, but his local postal service had other ideas in mind for the longtime Marvel employee Brevoort posted a photo to Twitter showing a page from Fantastic Four #5, the wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters According to[...]
If you've ever wondered why Marvel comics seem to make less and less sense within the shared continuity of their own universe, with characters appearing in multiple books in the same months on completely different adventures and world-threatening events like invading celestial hosts going apparently unnoticed in other titles, perhaps Marvel Executive Vice President Tom[...]
Fantastic Four comics returning 2018
At the time, Marvel SVP Tom Brevoort replied to concerns that this was to do with Fox having Fantastic Four and X-Men film rights, saying: Ay-Yi-Yi, you guys with your magic mind reading helmets. Sometimes a cover is just a cover, you know? Note that he didn't deny it, but tried to distract Fox had bought film and[...]
tom brevoort marvel two-in-one
There will be mild spoilers below. We won't go in depth about what's happening in this comic, but in case you had any doubt about its true purpose, Marvel's Tom Brevoort laid it all out in an interview with "Well, make no bones about it, while this may say Marvel Two-in-One on the package, this is really a Fantastic[...]
Brian Michael Bendis Will Get To Say Farewell To His Marvel Favorites
After years and years playing at the House of Ideas, what will become of Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, The Defenders, and other stories Bendis had in the pipeline? According to him, he will get to wrap things up nicely. Responding to a fan on Twitter this evening, Bendis says that Marvel editors Tom Brevoort and Nick[...]
dan Slott
With all the shake-ups and revamps Marvel is applying to itself through Legacy in the hopes of garnering goodwill, one thing that is not apparently happening soon is the departure of writer Dan Slott from Amazing Spider-Man. In an interview with, Marvel honcho Tom Brevoort discussed Marvel Legacy and the upcoming changes[...]
jonathan hickman
that were never published. Marvel Executive Vice President Of Never Answering The Goddamn Question Tom Brevoort appeared in an interview with today to deftly avoid giving a straight answer to any questions the website asked him. One of those was a question about when Jonathan Hickman is returning to the Marvel Universe, which Brevoort answered by[...]
Brevoort: Parts Of Secret Empire "Made The Right People Unhappy And Upset"
Being gluttons for punishment, we watched it to hastily transcribe the comments of Marvel guests Tom Brevoort, Alanna Smith, and Nick Spencer. Here are the highlights: Brevoort, on how Secret Empire ended: It turns out the reason cap was this way had to do with some shenanigans by the cosmic cube […] Two guys punched and hit one another[...]
Axel Alonso
From now on, every Marvel story will be an event, fulfilling the holy covenant once promised by the ancient prophets Millar and Bendis. The tagline "Every Story Is An Event," which has been floating around Marvel PR material for the past month or so, is prominently featured at the end of a new trailer for Marvel[...]
secret empire
Most people don't get spoiled on anything but NYT makes it harder. — Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) August 28, 2017 Read Kieron on this, he has insights on the realities of spoilage which may be worth sharing. — Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) August 28, 2017 — Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) August 28, 2017 Did you know that Rich Johnston and superstar writer Kieron[...]
Clique-Bait: Comic Folk Describe Their Creative Process With A GIF
When Marvel Comics executive and guy who never misbehaves on Twitter Tom Brevoort said, in his statement announcing that he will probably quit the social media service, "I think my time on Twitter is coming to an end There's simply no conversation to be had here anymore, just anger & fodder for clickbait." The anger, we'll[...]
Wacker's final post on his Tumblr blog follows yesterday's announcement that Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort will quit Twitter, after a final Tom Brevoort Quits Twitter super-mega-crossover event comic with multiple tie-ins and likely followed by a relaunch The exit of two of Marvel's most outspoken employees will have fans cherishing the twitter accounts of[...]
Jim Zub Just Pitched Another Thunderbolts Series And Needs Fan Support
Zub gave a more direct approach and suggested that we all talk at Tom Brevoort to give the series a return I definitely plan on trying both. By popular demand, yes! Somewhere there's an email link for that purpose… — Matt Yackey (@MattYackey) June 26, 2017 To add a little editorializing, since I can't stop myself giving my[...]
Is This Marvel's Best Editorial Idea Of The Year?
Though the idea of edited versions of Ghostbusters, Spider-Man 3, and Moneyball may have been a flop with fans, sometimes, a bad idea can provide inspiration for a great one. Enter Marvel Executive Vice President and avid Bleeding Cool reader Tom Brevoort, who gave Twitter a brief glimpse inside his creative process today when he tweeted: My first[...]
Axis And Allies: Using The Enemies Strategy In Marvel's Secret Empire
And one could argue that it means the entire Marvel Universe is a constant battle against the dark, always trying to reassert itself over the world, and that for the most part the heroes are winning. However, that is not the reading I took from it, and frankly, I find myself quite uncomfortable with this new[...]
Marvel's Brevoort: Publicly Available Comic Book Sales Estimates Not "Remotely Accurate"
Marvel recently reclaimed the monthly Diamond sales chart crown from rival DC after a post-Rebirth streak by the Distinguished Competition, but Marvel Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort about the comic book sales numbers available to the public on sites like Comichron As part of a conversation with Bleeding Cool reader @batman497 and Bleeding Cool Lead[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Tom Brevoort Vs. Bleeding Cool Reader vs. Rich Johnston Over Marvel Sales
And sometimes, though not in this particular case, quite boorishly. Anyway, that's how Marvel Senior Vice President Of Publishing Tom Brevoort, a twenty-seven year veteran at Marvel Comics, came to find himself arguing with Bleeding Cool reader @batman497, the four-hundred-and-ninety-seventh @batman on Twitter with over 6 followers as of press time, over whether or not Marvel was to[...]
Mark Waid Defines Writer's Block And When To Drink Heavily
In what may be one of the best Ask Marvels to date, writer Mark Waid answers fans questions including how do you handle writer's block, why Thor is the hardest Marvel character for him to develop in a story, and how much does continuity matter when writing a story and Tom Brevoort's role in keeping it[...]
Tom Brevoort Questions Dan DiDio Over Wonder Woman Earth One Credits
But the print version only reflects Eddie Berganza and Andrew Marino. Marvel's Senior Exec editor Tom Brevoort went to Twitter. I think it's crummy that after all the work he did on it, @darrenkshan 's editorial credit was removed from Wonder Woman Earth One. — Tom Brevoort (@TomBrevoort) April 14, 2016 The editors are a part of the creative[...]