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Jim Zub Just Pitched Another Thunderbolts Series And Needs Fan Support

So, yours truly was being a casual fanboy this morning, tweeting at Jim Zub to obsess over his Thunderbolts book and asking if it will be returning after Secret Empire's conclusion: Is there still a chance this masterpiece could return after Secret Empire? — Josh I Guess (@joshdavisonbolt) June 26, 2017 I was hoping for […]

Is This Marvel's Best Editorial Idea Of The Year?

Coming up with ideas to fuel the growth of the entertainment industrial complex is no easy task. Under high pressure to come up with new ideas, entertainment companies occasionally have a misstep. Take, for instance, Sony's plan to release "clean" versions of popular movies, which Bleeding Cool reported on earlier this week. Though the idea of edited […]

Axis And Allies: Using The Enemies Strategy In Marvel's Secret Empire

We've discussed before about a big spoiler element of what comes in Secret Empire, the upcoming event from Marvel seeing the now revealed as a Hydra double agent Captain America take over the United States and place Hydra in power, previously when discussing the zero issue. We've also done a non-spoiler review of the issue […]

Marvel's Brevoort: Publicly Available Comic Book Sales Estimates Not "Remotely Accurate"

Marvel recently reclaimed the monthly Diamond sales chart crown from rival DC after a post-Rebirth streak by the Distinguished Competition, but Marvel Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort about the comic book sales numbers available to the public on sites like Comichron. As part of a conversation with Bleeding Cool reader @batman497 and Bleeding Cool Lead […]

Mark Waid Defines Writer's Block And When To Drink Heavily

In what may be one of the best Ask Marvels to date, writer Mark Waid answers fans questions including how do you handle writer's block, why Thor is the hardest Marvel character for him to develop in a story, and how much does continuity matter when writing a story and Tom Brevoort's role in keeping it. […]

Tom Brevoort Questions Dan DiDio Over Wonder Woman Earth One Credits

Darren Shan used to be an editor at DC Comics. Then DC Comics moved to Burbank, but Darren Shan stayed in New York. Where he became an editor for Marvel Comics. One of his DC Comics projects only came out last week though. Wonder Woman: Earth One, which had to be taken on by other editorial […]

Tom Brevoort On The Hulk's Pants And Personal Hygiene

The latest Ask Marvel turns to editor Tom Brevoort and poses the important questions of who is stronger, Hulk or Thor? What was his first comic he read? And exactly where does Bruce Banner by those stretchy pants. [youtube][/youtube]

NYCC '15: Avengers Standoff Announced At Iron Man / Avengers Panel

By Joe Glass Photos by Derek Trum So here we are preparing for Marvel's big panel, which actually came after a cosplaying panel where the entire table of panellists were all cosplaying as Marvel characters (and in really good cosplays too). Tom Brevoort is on modertor duties, who was confused for George R R Martin […]

Secret Wars Is In Disarray At Marvel – Official

 Don't take my word for it, take Doctor Doom's, in this preview on ComicBook. Which takes another time jump. Just three weeks this time. Well, it's been a little longer than three weeks. But Doctor Doom knows what's going on… maybe he's actually been reading the spinoff titles? Though if he had, he'd have seen Star-Lord, […]

Tom Brevoort, Comic Books And Click-Bait

Marvel exec, and Bleeding Cool favourite, Tom Brevoort chose to respond to this question, asked on his Tumblr, Why do you claim the comics are independent of the TV and movies when you have crap like Lance Hunter being Bobbi's being ex-husband shoved into the comics by the movie/TV studios? He replied, Clearly you're reading Click-Bait, rather […]

Tales From The Four Color Closet: Closeting The Classics

By Joe Glass This week saw Marvel EiC, Axel Alonso, spend another week of his weekly CBR interview, Axel-in-Charge, discussing Marvel and their commitment to diversity. This is something he's had to do a fair bit recently, as Marvel seems to be making some pretty big missteps in regards to showing that commitment to diversity…one of […]