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This morning, Amazon officially announced that they have rebranded their Twitch Prime program to Prime Gaming The news was actually leaked last night as higher-tier partners leaked the info to members of the media such as Slasher, which included a complete guide behind the rebranding Aside from most-likely annoying thousands of people who branded something[...]
Twitch Reveals Free Games With Prime For August 2020
In total, you'll have 23 free games available right now to claim, along with several that will have bonus content available only to those who have linked the game with their Twitch Prime account We already talked about the second round of the SNK Collection that's been added to the library, with another wave of[...]
SNK Reveals More Games Released With Twitch Prime
SNK has revealed a brand new set of games for you to snag for free with Twitch Prime through the Free Games With Prime program Last month the company released a number of games in the system, and now they're following it up with some classic titles for you to own on PC These include[...]
Twitch Reveals The Free Games With Prime For July 2020
(Yes, we know, you pay for Twitch Prime, but you're not buying five games Don't be that person.) The games you'll be getting this month are the retro first-person shooter Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, the adventure game Dear Esther, the hardcore racing game GRIP: Combat Racing, the action-platformer KUNAI, and the RPG Dark Devotion[...]
SNK Announces Summer Games Giveaway With Twitch Prime
SNK revealed today they've partnered with Twitch to giveaway over 20 classic games this summer as part of their Twitch Prime program Over the course of the next few months, the company will kick open their vault and give out several classic arcade and console titles that should bring back feelings of nostalgia All of[...]
Twitch Prime Free Games May 2020
Its the start of a new month, and so Twitch is giving away six new games to Twitch Prime members for the month of May The six games you can snag with your membership right now are Avicii Invector, Fractured Minds, Pankapu, Urban Trial Playground, The Little Acre, and Snake Pass What's more, the company[...]
Twitch Reveals Their March 2020 "Free Games With Prime"
What's more, several of the games you know and love currently have some free content you can pick up simply by having a Twitch Prime account You can check out the full list of those additions below. Credit: Twitch February and March 2020 Calendar Now Available: Apex Legends – Gilded Rose Revenant Skin Now Available: Raid Shadow Legends –[...]
Twitch Prime Is Offering Ten Free Games In January 2020
Twitch and Amazon decided to kick off 2020 the right way with Twitch Prime members by offering them 10 free games in January Their Free Games With Prime program usually offers up three or four titles at any given period This month will be the biggest amount they've offered since starting up the program as[...]
Twitch Reveals November Free Games & In-Game Loot
Twitch revealed all of the free games that they will have coming to Twitch Prime this month, and there are some cool selections in the mix Planet Alpha and Double Cross, along with Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition all look awesome Like many subscription services, you need to have an account with Twitch Prime to snag[...]
October's Free Twitch Prime Game Selection Is So Good, It's Scary
Credit: Twitch October's Free Games with Prime for Twitch Prime subscribers have been announced, just in time for Halloween Anyone with an active Twitch Prime subscription will be able to sink their fangs into five "spooktacular" free games from now until October 31. The games on offer for October include Stranger Things 3: The Game, The Walking[...]
Twitch Reveals Their Full List Of Streamers For "Twitch Sells Out"
That's a hell of a lineup just to get people to buy Twitch Prime subscriptions We have a few more details below including the start time as the event will run from July 15th-16th. credit//Twitch This Prime Day, Twitch Sells Out This year, our favorite made-up holiday, Amazon Prime Day, takes place July 15 & 16[...]
Twitch Prime Announces Free Rewards From Rockstar Games
Starting today, Twitch Prime members who link their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts to their profiles will get exclusive in-game bonuses, deals, and content for both Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online According to Twitch, this will be just the beginning of a series of events between the two companies in both games[...]
Twitch Prime Celebrates Prime Day With Giveaways & Tournaments
It's an interesting concept to have a day celebrating people paying money to your service, but that's what's happening on Twitch with Twitch Prime Day All you have to do to celebrate is sign up for a Prime account before July 3rd and you can celebrate over a couple of weeks leading up to the[...]