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And she is accompanied by Cheetah, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Scarecrow, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd, Vandal Savage, Heatwave, Weather Wizard and Golden Glider.  Which is rather Central City Flash Rogue heavy, which indicates that maybe Flash, or the Flashes, will continue to play a large role in this story." Dark Crisis #3 and Harley Quinn[...]
Who Is In Lex Luthor's New Legion Of Doom For The DC Universe? (Spoilers)
And she is accompanied by Cheetah, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Scarecrow, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd, Vandal Savage, Heatwave, Weather Wizard and Golden Glider.  Which is rather Central City Flash Rogue heavy, which indicates that maybe Flash, or the Flashes, will continue to play a large role in this story. Presumably, this will be revealed in[...]
Death Metal #7 Omniverse
And which villains and heroes? Credit: Death Metal #7 from DC Comics, Yanick Paquette Is that Lex Luthor trying to do Diff'rent Strokes? And we also get an idea of where Martian Manhunter, Wally West and others will be in DC Infinite Frontier from March onwards, absent as they are from the new Justice League – with[...]
Vandal Savage Complains About Millennials in Batman Universe #5 [Preview]
It's a vicious cycle, but as it turns out, it's one as old as time itself! In this preview of Batman Universe #5, hitting stores from DC Comics, this week, we learn that Vandal Savage, who has been around for more than 50,000 years (an original Boomer), also hates Millennials! Is Vandal Savage a big mayonnaise[...]
'Young Justice: Outsiders' "Home Fires": The Light Begins to Shine [SPOILER RECAP]
Vandal Savage has contracted Lobo to deal with the second. Central City DC Universe Iris is hosting a play date for the kids and spouses of the members of the Justice League The guests arrive a few at a time, slowly filling the house with laughter and love Across the street, Orm watches and listens–counting down the arrivals[...]
Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3 'Evolution' Recap: A Savage History [SPOILERS]
Why would they ever fight?" What follows is a gentle skewering of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which exists both as fan service and provides depth of character. Evolution DC UNIVERSE The bulk of the episode focuses on Vandal Savage, with the story of his rise to prominence over the 50,000 year history of humanity juxtaposed against[...]
It's An Invasion! 8 Essential Young Justice Season 2 Episodes
First, does the episode serve the characters, either by introducing a character, providing us a deeper look at the character's motivations, or by changing the character in some manner? Second, does the episode serve to advance one of the primary story threads running through the season? If an episode answers both of those questions, then[...]
Legends of Tomorrow Season 3: What Do We Think About Mallus?
Let's try to figure this out. In season 1, the writers weren't quite sure what the show was going to be and they picked the popular DC villain Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) and made his origin tie into that of Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) and Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) He also tied into the motivation of Rip Hunter[...]
Deathstroke #25 cover by Ryan Sook
Vandal Savage leads the prosecution against Slade, and the Riddler is his defense attorney The Society wants to know if this act was fair play, and the only way they can do this is to test if Slade Wilson is still evil. Deathstroke #25 cover by Ryan Sook That premise might seem a bit goofy, as one[...]
Fall Out From The Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale
All Rights Reserved. The episode wrapped up the Vandal Savage / Hawkman / Hawkgirl story pretty cleanly Savage is dead, Carter and Kendra are going off together to see if they can make their life work Which leaves the team consisting of Heatwave, White Canary, Atom, Firestorm and Rip Hunter. Oh, and a few things of interest[...]
A Look Inside Tonight's Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale
Rip Hunter tries to return the team to their own time, no longer willing to put anyone else at risk… but Vandal Savage is still out there and he has Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall Executive Producer Phil Klemmer takes a look at the season finale. Legends of Tomorrow airs 8 pm tonight on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Vandal Savage Has Been Moving Through Time
In this look inside River of Time, the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow, executive producer Phil Klemmer explains what it means that Vandal Savage has been moving through time and how that will lead to Rip Hunter and his crew heading to the Vanishing Point But it's a long trip on an already damaged[...]
Say What You Want About Savage, But He Makes One Hell Of A Casserole
In this interview, appropriately called Tuna Surprise, we get to see Casper Crump and Ciara Renée being friendly off screen while Vandal Savage and Kendra Saunders are dancing around each other on screen. DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be back on March 31st. [youtube][/youtube] It was my favorite line from the latest episode of DC's Legends of[...]
Legends Of Tomorrow Pays Homage To 50's Monster Movies
Tonight's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow has the team land in 1950s on their quest to find and stop Vandal Savage But they happen upon a town with multiple mysterious murders and they must split into teams to figure out what's going on Phil Klemmer, the executive producer, talks about how this is the[...]
New Legends Of Tomorrow Includes A Nod To Smallville
We also see that Vandal Savage is working in the hospital as Dr Curtis Knox. The name Curtis Knox is an Easter Egg of sorts from Smallville During the seventh season former Lois And Clark actor Dean Cain played Curtis Knox, an immortal doctor who experimented on the Kryptonite affected According to Bryan Q Miller, Knox[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – White Knights
All Rights Reserved. The title of the latest DC's Legends of Tomorrow was White Knights, which may not trigger the same image for me… but I think it did for the writers on the series as the team goes into the Soviet Union after Vandal Savage Throw in the references to the ballet and it seems[...]
Legends Of Tomorrow Join The Cold War
In tonight's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the team learns that Vandal Savage has defected to the Soviet Union and is helping them with some top secret nuclear project that could tip the balance of power and change the future forever… and why is he there? Because Rip Hunter and crew forced his hand[...]
Six Important Moments From DC's Legends Of Tomorrow – Pilot Part 2
No one listens to Rip Hunter which leads to a battle at the auction (which included Vandal Savage and Damien Darhk… guess Ra's al Ghul had other plans that day) We get to see what the Atom suit can do when it's shrunk down and that is pretty kick-ass Not sure why he'd fight at[...]
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Cast Talks About Coming Together
The second clip is interesting in that each cast member has a different way to describe how Rip Hunter assembled the team to fight Vandal Savage… and you have to wonder if how they describe it is a look inside of each character. DC's Legends of Tomorrow debuts January 21st on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [...]
The Future Trailer For DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
We get to see Rip Hunter's ship, Firestorm and the team in action and more of Vandal Savage. DC's Legends of Tomorrow debuts January 21st on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] If you watched the Flash / Arrow crossover, then you probably saw this trailer If not, here is the newest trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow[...]
Flash / Arrow Crossover Event More Than Just A Backdoor Pilot
The Flash portion of the event entitled Legends of Yesterday introduced us to Vandal Savage, an immortal who gains power every time he slays a set of reincarnating Egyptian royals And we meet Carter Hall, who along with Kendra Saunders, are the current incarnations of the winged heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl. The episode gets points for[...]
The Cast Of Flash / Arrow Talk Tonight's Crossover
This year's crossover begins tonight and will expand that universe by introducing Vandal Savage and Hawkman and transform Kendra Saunders into Hawkgirl In the video below the cast… old and new… talk about the event that will lead to DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The first part of the crossover event airs tonight at 8 PM on[...]
CW Release Extended Trailer For The Flash / Arrow Crossover
In the new footage we get a better idea of how Vandal Savage, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are connected and how it ties to ancient Egypt Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. The first part of the crossover airs Tuesday December 1st on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Last Night's Flash Showed What??? – And Trailer For Upcoming Crossover
Don't scroll down past the video if you didn't see the end of last night's episode. [youtube][/youtube] Now the trailer is pretty cool, we get to see Vandal Savage along with Hawkman and Hawkgirl… but we know all of that was coming Even Cisco "vibing" Kendra in her full winged outfit wasn't the big surprise from last[...]
Vandal Savage, Hawkman And More In The Flash / Arrow Crossover Plot
Add in the fact that they are setting up not only a new TV series, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but also the big bad in Vandal Savage and you have a good reason to do a crossover Below are the synopsis for the two episodes, Flash – Legends of Today In its second major crossover event with "Arrow,"[...]
Fun Episode Of Arrow Reveals Speed Bump In Season Story
Looks like next week it's back to dealing with HIVE and the return of another believed dead person… that's the third in three weeks… before both shows go into the 8th episode crossover featuring Vandal Savage Hopefully that will end the speed bumps and the series can move forward on their main stories. Below is a[...]
SDCC '15: CW Releases New Hero Evolution Trailer For DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
They mix in comic book art to show the origins for Oliver Queen and Barry Allen… and that comic art is used to introduce the others and Vandal Savage the big bad for the series. DC's Legends Of Tomorrow kicks off in 2016 [youtube][/youtube] The CW has released a new video showcasing the Arrow and The Flash[...]