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Wyrd Games Reveals A Kumon Titan Miniature For The Other Side
Wyrd Games, the powerhouse tabletop gaming company responsible for the creation and cultivation of such games as Malifaux, Vagrantsong, and Puppet Wars, has given the public a peek at the Titan miniature from an all-new faction that's coming to their wargame The Other Side sometime in the near future How exciting! The art for the Tatarigami, a Titan from The Other[...]
Games Workshop's Warcry Red Harvest - A Big Box Of Chaos: A Review
Given that the COVID-19 pandemic is not letting up too soon, however, the release does beg the question as to when it will be safe to play tabletop wargames in person with our friends and rivals once again But what do you think? We can only provide our own perspectives here; is your part of[...]
Wyrd Games' "Malifaux Burns", The Story Malifaux Deserves - Review
We got ahold of a review copy of Malifaux Burns, and here's what we think of it! The front cover for Malifaux Burns, a supplemental book for the tabletop skirmish wargame Malifaux by Wyrd Games. The book begins by telling a 44-page series of interconnected stories from a third-person perspective revolving around a few select Masters from the game[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals Nightmare Edition For Malifaux, The Other Side
Image attributed to Wyrd Games for their tabletop skirmish game Malifaux. Of course, we would be remiss to neglect to mention that Adi Adara and her crew also act as optional alternates for some key models in the Gibbering Hordes faction of Wyrd Games' other wargame, The Other Side! Adi Adara, in this instance, is a Stormsiren,[...]
Kill Team: Octarius Boxed Set By Games Workshop, In Review
Games Workshop, the renowned tabletop game design company known for its various wargames set in its grimdark setting within the 41st Millennium, Warhammer 40,000, as well as Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, its adjacent wargame set in the Mortal Realms, has sent Bleeding Cool a free advance review copy of Kill Team: Octarius, a skirmish-type wargame that falls firmly[...]
Wyrd Games Announces New Limited Zoraida Box Sculpts For Malifaux
Wyrd Games, a tabletop game design company based in Marietta, GA, has taken note of this and has announced the next Rotten Harvest sculpts, which feature Zoraida the Hag and her crew for Malifaux. The front of the box for Toil And Trouble, the Rotten Harvest limited-edition sculpts for Zoraida, a Neverborn/Bayou Master from Wyrd Games' tabletop[...]
Wyrd Games Provides New Details About The Other Side Starter Box
Wyrd Games, the tabletop gaming company best known for their objective-based skirmish wargame Malifaux, has released new details regarding the starter box for their other wargame, The Other Side With it, they have provided the stat card information for their Gatling Gunner and Guild Mage units as they pertain to Malifaux's third edition. The starter box for both[...]
Review: Wyrd Games' Malifaux Explorer's Society Starter Set
For the past few weeks, we have been reviewing miniatures from Wyrd Game's objective-based skirmisher wargame Malifaux We reviewed a number of minis that delved into the philosophy of the shadow as well as an undead Wendigo-appearing miniature This must have attracted the attention of Wyrd themselves, for they have sent us a review copy[...]
Wyrd Games Releases The Other Side Company Builder App For Android
Their tech team has finally developed an application for your phone that can help you create a Company in their wargame, The Other Side! Promotional art for The Other Side, a wargame designed and developed by Wyrd Games This game has just gotten a builder app for Android. The Company Builder application for The Other Side has[...]
Review: The Other Side's ECB Black Ops By Wyrd Miniatures
The global COVID-19 pandemic really kicked our collective gaming keesters, right? So, for the eventual, general grand re-opening of LGS sites in the United States, we've been working on shoring up armies, warbands, crew, and companies for use with various different wargames, such as Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, and The Other Side To that end, we have[...]
Review: Godtear's Styx Boxed Set Release From Steamforged Games
In a game that lasts only a fixed number of turns, that action resource economy seems pretty dire for his pilot. The rear side of the box for Styx, an upcoming Champion from the skirmisher Godtear, by Steamforged Games. Being that we are very new to Godtear, it is hard for us to judge this seemingly elite box[...]