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'13 Reasons Why', 'Heathers', and Why TV Should Make You Angry [The Weekly Static s01e43]
That's why they talk about… The Weekly Static! With  respect and admiration to The New York Dolls' "Personality Crisis," a favorite song of this man – a brutal loss on so many levels: https://youtu.be/DYOiQPhkUFsVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Bourdain finds change — and good rum — in Cuba (Anthony Bourdain Parts Uknown) (https://youtu.be/DYOiQPhkUFs) "An answered[...]
2018-2019 Network Shows: Our Big Five Picks [The Weekly Static s01e42]
Open up my eager eyes, cause I'm…  The Weekly Static! With righteous amounts of love and respect to The Killers; now as I back out of the room slowly and awkwardly – Peter Griffin-style – check out this week's… https://youtu.be/k7P6Fk5PdzIVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: 1987 NBC Saturday morning preview special (https://youtu.be/k7P6Fk5PdzI) This week, The Weekly Static – Bleeding Cool's look[...]
Wolf/Sanders, Attack on Titan Season 3, DC Universe, and More! [The Weekly Static s01e38]
She's… The Weekly Static! With all sorts of respect being thrown at professional wrestler Madison Rayne and singer Serg Salinas, here's a little reminder of the kinder, simpler (and painful to watch 25 years later) times of early '90s broadcast television in this week's edition of: https://youtu.be/UPkLMeTpvBU The Weekly Static is Bleeding Cool's look at the past week in the land[...]
Dexter Plays It Safe, Big Poppa Trump, 'Dead' Endings, and More! [The Weekly Static s01e36]
And when our children tell their story, they'll tell the story of…The Weekly Static! With proper respect to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt, a little reminder that before there was Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story there was this week's edition of… https://youtu.be/A82NTtIzlNMVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: American Gothic Teaser.avi (https://youtu.be/A82NTtIzlNM) The Weekly Static is our[...]
Cause it's one night and one more time, but thanks for the memories…even though they weren't so great. He tastes like…The Weekly Static! Because Fall Out Boy and the writing gods behind Moonlighting understand that imitation is the highest form of flattery…but did I happen to mention? Did I bother to disclose? That this man that we're seeking[...]
The Weekly Static: Extras! An iZombie Fan's Season 4 Thoughts
We're turning over this edition of The Weekly Static: Extras! to our good friend Margo Staten, who found herself binge-crushing the first three seasons of The CW's iZombie Not known for her geek viewing habits, we asked Staten to put fingers-to-keys and make the case for why iZombie is on her "required watching" list: I must[...]
I need light in the dark as I search for…The Weekly Static! So while I text my apologies to Jack's Mannequin and before we pull the ripcord on all of this…I'm going to need you to turn around and put your hands behind your back. You have the right to remain silent[...]
But when it comes to being De La? It's just me, myself and I…and The Weekly Static! Now while I work on a heartfelt apology to the great De La Soul, take a moment to decide because this is your last chance After this, there's no turning back You take the blue pill – The Weekly[...]
Welcome back! It's The Weekly Static, so that's what you call us That or – uh – "His Weekness", or – uh – "Weeker," or "El Weekerino," if you're not into the whole brevity thing But first? I need you to look me in the eye and put your hands on top of the table[...]