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We Recap The Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2021
E3 2021 is technically over, but that doesn't mean the summer events are ending as the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2021 happened today The extended version was basically them catching up on a few items they didn't have time to get to during the regular broadcast But with no other events happening today and no[...]
Multiple Game Trailers Shown Off During The Xbox Games Showcase
Throughout the day we've been showing some of the highlights to the Xbox Games Showcase, as multiple trailers came out Today was basically one of those days where Microsoft and the Xbox team, along with all of their participating studios had a chance to show off everything they had to offer Both for the Xbox[...]
The Medium Gets An Extended Trailer During The Xbox Games Showcase
Bloober Team showed off an extended trailer for The Medium during the Xbox Games Showcase, highlighting both sections of the game One of the cool aspects to this title is that as the character, you are swapping back and forth between two different realities In order to make that happen flawlessly, the game is actually[...]
Obsidian Entertainment's Grounded is coming to Xbox Game Preview.
Earlier today during the Xbox Games Showcase, Obsidian Entertainment showed off the official launch trailer for Grounded The game has been in development for a while as you're basically playing what looks like an interactive version of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids You and a team of other children will have to fend for yourselves[...]
Tell Me Why Gets A New Trailer During The Xbox Games Showcase
During the Xbox Games Showcase today, DONTNOD Entertainment showed off the latest trailer for their upcoming game Tell Me Why You can check it out below, along with a snippet of the game's expanded description from the devs on Xbox Wire, as it reveals new info about Tyler and Alyson This includes the fact that[...]
Xbox Game Studios Have Announced State Of Decay 3
During the Xbox Games Showcase, the Xbox Game Studios team officially announced State Of Decay 3 is on the way for Xbox Series X Like a number of the trailers that were revealed during the showcase, we don't get a lot of context to what we're seeing Just the state of things as they are[...]
After Years Of Requests We're Finally Getting A New Fable Game
Playground Games had the surprise of the day by releasing a trailer at the end of the Xbox Games Showcase, in what looked like it could have been any fantasy video game trailer… until the toad ate the fairy The minute that took place, we all knew before the title even hit the screen, we[...]
Xbox Gives More Details To Their New Smart Delivery System
At the start of the Xbox Games Showcase, the company showed off the opening to the Halo Infinite campaign and revealed a few things The company wasted little time and got right tot he thing most of us wanted to see in the first place by starting off the show with an introduction to the[...]
Tetris Effect: Connected Will Launch On Xbox Series X
During the Xbox Games Showcase, Enhance revealed that Tetris Effect: Connected will be coming to Xbox Series X as a launch exclusive The trailer, which you can see below, shows footage of people enjoying the game as they groove tot he tunes and drop blocks down Now the game will come with an all-new robust[...]
The Xbox Games Showcase Is Officially Announced For July 23, 2020
Microsoft finally revealed today when they would be holding the Xbox Games Showcase, as the event will take place on July 23rd The word came down on Twitter today as the company just dropped the image below along with just the basic info that they will be broadcasting it live on their website, along with[...]