Xbox Showed Off The Opening To The Halo Infinite Campaign

At the start of the Xbox Games Showcase, the company showed off the opening to the Halo Infinite campaign and revealed a few things. The company wasted little time and got right tot he thing most of us wanted to see in the first place by starting off the show with an introduction to the campaign. It picks up right where we left off with the last major reveal, as you and a stranded pilot crash land on the currently broken Halo ring to find out what the hell happened after it's quite clear the UNSC lost the war. The video, which you can see below, does an impressive job of reintroducing fans old and new to The Covenant as well as a variety of weapons you'll be able to use along the way. You also get to see the game in the majestic 4K brilliance that the Xbox Series X will bring to the series.

We now have an idea of what's happening in Halo Infinite, courtesy of 343 Industries.
We now have an idea of what's happening in Halo Infinite, courtesy of 343 Industries.

The two weapons that became the highlight of the video were the Drop Wall and the Grappling Hook. The wall gives you a little bit more breathing room than previous shield weapons, as you can maneuver around to get better shots. However, your enemies can also penetrate it as easily as you can walk out of it. The hook, for all of the glory we saw, gives you a little more mobility upward and the ability to hook onto enemies. So now Master Chief is basically Batman. The other major reveal from the footage is that it appears The Banished have taken full control and are responsible for what's happened. So while there are ties to Halo 5, it does appear that this will be its own beast and not really just Halo 6 with a new name. Enjoy the footage below as Halo Infinite will be out this holiday season for Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X.

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