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Argosy Magazine Among Copyright Acquisition For Licensing
This is roughly 6,000 issues and 30, 000 stories. Part of the deal is The Argosy Magazine. Started back in 1896, the magazine published the exploits of such characters as Tarzan and Zorro Popular Publication also published authors like Raymond Chandler, Ray Bradbury and Erle Stanley Gardner. Steeger Properties plans to license out the titles/stories as part of[...]
Exclusive Interior Pages And FOC Covers For Django / Zorro And Red Sonja
Dynamite has sent over some exclusive interior pages for Django/Zorro #1 and Red Sonja #13 Along with the pages, we have the FOC (final order cutoff) incentive covers for the books Here is how the incentive works: Retailers who order 25% higher on Django Zorro #1 than on John Carter: Warlord of Mars #1 [SEP141241-SEP141247] may[...]
Working With Quentin Tarantino On The Django Unchained Sequel, Django/Zorro
Grendel creator Matt Wagner has been talking with Diamond Comics, and a recent interview posted on their retailer-only website over the upcoming Django/Zorro comic from Dynamite Entertainment had a few interesting points of exactly how such a collaborative venture with Wagner, Quentin Tarantino and Reginald Hudlin works. Quentin and I co-wrote the story together with me[...]
Could A Django/Shaft Comic Book Be Next On The Cards?
How Django's wife has the name Broomhilda von Shaft, and that Broomhilda and Django are the character's ancestors. Now, Tarantino is writing a Django Unchained sequel in the form of the Django/Zorro comic book for Dynamite. And Dynamite are now publishing Shaft comic books. I wonder… is there potential here for a Django/Shaft comic book from Quentin Tarantino to[...]
Saddling Up For An Epic Crossover – Matt Wagner Talks Django / Zorro
My trip to San Diego Comic Con this year ended on Saturday, which meant I was unable to go to the Dynamite panel on Sunday where Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner talked about the upcoming crossover event Django / Zorro But I did get to interview Wagner about the upcoming series and try to get[...]
Dynamite Entertainment Comic-Con Recap
Dynamite Entertainment went a different route than other publishers. They let there Comic-Con announcements out over the two weeks building up to the con
Live From The Dynamite Panel At San Diego Comic Con, With Quentin Tarantino
But the massive crowd is here for Quentin Tarantino, to celebrate the publisher's tenth anniversary, and a certain Django/Zorro crossover comic, the first sequel to any Tarantino work. How it was originally Barrucci's idea, who went to Hudlin, who went to Tarantino, who loved it do, as Quentin said "they both end in O" but the[...]
Quentin Tarantino And Matt Wagner Head Dynamite's SDCC Panel
Quentin Tarantino, Reginald Hudlin and Matt Wagner, the creative force behind the new Django / Zorro comic, will be on Dynamite's 10th Anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con next week The comic is considered the official sequel to the film Django Unchained and will hit comic shelves in November from a partnership between Dynamite[...]
Speed On A Train – Ande Parks Talks The Lone Ranger
I came up with a solution that, I hope, is unique but makes sense for the character. BB: What makes Lone Ranger and Tonto characters you continue to enjoy writing about, and ones fans never seem to tire of reading about? AP: I realized after writing more than a dozen scripts (including our Death of Zorro book) with these[...]
Sony's Zorro Reboot Gets A Screenwriter
Sony's long-gestating reboot of its Zorro franchise has itself a new screenwriter Deadline reports Chris Boal has been tapped to reboot the classic story of the masked superhero. Back in 2011, Sony tapped TV writers Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia to adapt an origin tale for a Zorro reboot based on Isabel Allende's novel, but it's[...]
Ande Parks On Westerns, The Lone Ranger And What Readers Want Today
With Dynamite Parks has played with such iconic characters as Kato, Zorro and The Lone Ranger Nancy Collins talked with Parks about his work on the legendary cowboy hero. NANCY COLLINS: How familiar were you with the Lone Ranger before coming on as writer for the series? ANDE PARKS: To be honest, not very[...]
Don McGregor Vs Dynamite Over Lady Rawhide
We reported the new Lady Rawhide book a few weeks ago, from Dynamite, based on the Zorro character created by Don McGregor Little did we know that, at the time, Don McGregor hadn't heard a peep about it He posted on Facebook; He later writes with his own responses and those of others; FROM RORY BLOCK: Oh boy,[...]
The Spider #2 Extended Preview And Other Dynamite Peeks
As Tonto lies near death, Lone Ranger walks down Utopia's main street alone, on his way to a final gunfight showdown. [issuu width=420 height=315 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120606092820-2a98496636574f4c9d0511eab4a1f5e0 name=zorrorides10-prev username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] ZORRO RIDES AGAIN #10 32 pages FC •  $3.99  • Teen + Written by MATT WAGNER Art by JOHN K[...]
Extended Robocop #4 Preview, And Other Dynamite Bits And Bobs
While Ash is pushed to the limit by a Deadite biker gang in Oklahoma, a young boy in Brazil becomes a pawn in a ploy to resurrect an ancient evil not seen since World War 2! New adventures! New menaces! New weapons! It's better than the "blue light special" at your local S-Mart, baby! [issuu width=420[...]