BCTV Daily Dispatch 13 June 2021: Prodigal Clue & Snyderbronies Tears

I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean. I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright. So, I'm breaking the habit. I'm breaking the BCTV Daily Dispatch tonight! With waves of love and respect for the greatness of Linkin Park, we're back with another round of the best and brightest across the television landscape over the past twenty-four hours. We're rolling out the red carpet for new entries today that include Pokemon, a doomed Clarice, Snyderbronies backlash, and a Prodigal Son/Westworld connection that could offer a "Prodigal" clue?

prodigal son
Man of Steel/Prodigal Son (Images: Screencaps)

Following that, we have the "BCTV Rewind" with a selection of curated articles more than worth your time that you may have missed the first time around. Then we wrap things up with another edition of "So What The F**k Is The World Watching?" where we look at what the globe's had on its screens over the past 30 days.

Now here's a look at today's BCTV's 10/24 Rundown:

10. Night Court: Ana Villafañe Joins Melissa Rauch/John Larroquette Pilot

9. Titans Star Damaris Lewis Previews Blackfire's Season 3 Fighting Style

8. Titans Season 3: Boris Mojsovski Shares More Superheroes BTS Looks

7. Is Mr. Mime Really Ash's Mom's Boyfriend in the Pokémon Anime?

6. Rick and Morty Want You to Go Rick Yourself for Season 5; Space Debut

5. Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: A Message to AMC & Fear TWD

4. Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: A Familiar Voice Offers Hope?

3. Clarice Season 2 In Doubt? Paramount+ Move Reportedly on Shaky Ground

2. Zack Snyder: If A Business Degree & Axe Body Spray Had A Baby- Opinion

1. Westworld: Prodigal Son Star Reportedly Joining Season 4 Cast

rick and morty
Image: Shutterstock.com

And here are a few more articles to add to your reading lists- including the Jersey Shore folks, Trese, Batwoman & Legends of Tomorrow previews, Epix/Blumhouse collaboration, AEW/WWE, Doctor Who honoring Amy Pond, Animal Kingdom highlights Deran & Season 4 shockers, and The Witcher: Blood Origin finds its composer in Bear McCreary:

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 4 E16: The Return of Snooki!

Trese: Filipino Folklore & Cultural Details Overcome Lacking Animation

Batwoman Season 2: David Ramsey on John Diggle/Luke Fox; E16 Preview

Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Writers Room Revealed; S06E06 Preview

Unknown: Blumhouse, Epix Announce Thriller Series Cast

AEW Dynamite: An Excellent Episode of WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown: Roman Reigns Family Drama Saves the Show

Doctor Who Shares Amy Pond's Best Moments Video Compilation Part 1

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Deran Looks to Lead the Pack; S04 Shockers

The Witcher: Blood Origin Taps Bear McCreary to Compose Soundtrack

Daily Dispatch
Image: Shutterstock.com

So while we give television history, random thoughts, and weird television a break for the day, take a look at what the world's been watching over the past 30 days- courtesy of the fine folks at Parrot Analytics:

1. Game of Thrones / 2. Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) / 3. Friends / 4. Stranger Things / 5. La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) / 6. Lucifer / 7. WandaVision / 8. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier / 9. The Flash / 10. The Walking Dead / 11. My Hero Academia / 12. WWE Monday Night Raw / 13. The Big Bang Theory / 14. Peaky Blinders / 15. The Family Man / 16. SpongeBob SquarePants / 17. Rick and Morty / 18. Breaking Bad / 19. The Good Doctor / 20. Saturday Night Live

daily dispatch

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