Big Brother Season 23 Episode 11 Recap: Cookouts & Wild Card Martinis

The tenth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 swung a surprise of the season at houseguests with a crazy Wild Card competition and nomination ceremony. Spoilers are plentiful and heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding Brent's ego this season of Big Brother. The kings may have had a target on their backs, but safety has them evading any attacks just yet. Derek X continued to contemplate the problems with being connected to the "Royal Flush" alliance, while Alyssa made many valid points about placing Hannah on the chopping block next to Whitney. The funniest moment from the episode, one enough to lighten the tension, was everyone saying they wouldn't wear what Whitney was wearing to the gym (her buckled sports bra…and only sleeves hoodie?). Azah's connection to Derek X about having immigrant parents and growing up in America was a great heartfelt and important point among houseguests to see.

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As everyone looked to relax, the Wild Card competition arrived. No one from the kings would have to compete due to being already locked in safety, so by default choices of Whitney, Claire, and Azah were set to play. A martini club aesthetic awaited players, with the lounge gear and lights to set the mood. Random blackouts of the lights threaten the game of placing olives on a winding plank to maneuver and balance to the end. With careful precision, Claire ended up getting her olive to the end and she won the Wild Card competition, decision and safety included.  An important Big Brother choice came at Claire, either keep herself and her team safe or keep only herself safe up until Jury time, guaranteeing a spot on the Jury for her. Claire ended up taking the safety until Jury.

The decisions for Christian of who to nominate became twisted and confusing from having the angles of Sarah Beth and "The Cookout" alliance arguing over who goes up alongside Whitney. Christian's decision came into examining the opinions of the joker team and next having a one-on-one conversation with Hannah about being a pawn on the block next to Whitney. Hannah made a smart move by putting every ounce of her effort into the talk with Christian, difficult to see her suggest a member of the underdog team that has been the jokers, but smart nonetheless. In the end, the two nominations during Christian's HOH became Whitney and Hannah. A difficult move but in the end probably a smart one for him. A big moment for this Big Brother house comes with the Veto competition this Wednesday at 8 PM EST on CBS.

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