Impact Winter: Skybound, Audible Preview Dystopian Vampire Audio Drama

While many experience the wide variety of snowstorms and cold fronts, Audible brings in a new original audio dramaImpact Winter, full of fantastic horror-dystopian distractions for those evenings indoors. They've combined the craziness of a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, winter weather, and vampires to conjure up a memorable listening experience.

Impact Winter: Audible Post-Apocalyptic Vampire Audio Drama
Source: Audible

Now here's a look back at the teaser as well as the official overview for Impact Winter:

More than a decade after a comet strike has inflicted an "impact winter" and blacked out the sun, vampires have emerged in the darkness to take over what remains of the world. Humans have fled underground, clinging to an existence that feels increasingly doomed. One vampire hunter, a young woman named Darcy, is lured from her bunker beneath an ancient castle by a powerful vampire overlord and thrust into a fight for her people's future. From Travis Beacham, this action, romance, coming-of-age story delivers an unprecedented sonic experience via binaural action sequences, original music and incomparable sound design, all of which come together to bring to life this post-apocalyptic world in visceral detail.

An incredible action, romance, coming-of-age story with binaural action sequences, original music, and incomparable sound design, from Travis Beacham (Carnival Row and Pacific Rim) & Skybound ( The Walking Dead)and Anonymous Content. A story of apocalypse, horror, and adventure, Impact Winter is a wholly original new saga created just for Audible with immersive 3D audio that dares you to pop in your earbuds and listen in the dark. Venture into an eternally sunless world of swords and crossbows; primal hunters and shape-shifters; leaders and lovers. Hear how a brave few fight to survive the impact winter. The concept of fantastic narrators and crew detailing a whole world and intense story sounds like the perfect experience for any fan out there of horror, thrillers, and anything in-between. Let us know in the comments below if you'll be listening in on February 17th when Impact Winter arrives!

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