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Ethan Hawke Stars in Audible Original Scripted Drama Fishpriest
Audible is releasing a new original scripted drama, Fishpriest, on Thursday, May 19th with a signature familiar voice heard on the teaser, Ethan Hawke Hawke stars in the dark, thrilling, character-driven crime drama, Fishpriest, premiering exclusively on Audible Dripping with blood, drugs, violence, and murder, this cinematic Audible Original created & produced by Treefort Media (written[...]
The Sandman Gets Bollywood Audio Podcast Adaptation
Audible is producing the version of The Sandman: Act 1 that translates Dirk Maggs' first volume of the audio series into a Bollywood version As Variety reported, Maggs has had a distinguished career as a producer with BBC Radio where he elevated radio drama to the realm of what he describes as "a film in[...]
Impact Winter: Audible Post-Apocalyptic Vampire Audio Drama
While many experience the wide variety of snowstorms and cold fronts, Audible brings in a new original audio drama, Impact Winter, full of fantastic horror-dystopian distractions for those evenings indoors They've combined the craziness of a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, winter weather, and vampires to conjure up a memorable listening experience. Source: Audible Now here's a look back at the[...]
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Audible announced a huge slate of 6 new scripted comedy podcasts featuring pretty much every comic you've ever seen or heard of who hasn't been cancelled These podcasts set to release through 2022 They join recently released Audible Original comedies Hot White Heist, Hit Job, Cut and Run, Operation Cordelia, Sorry Charlie Miller, Escape From Virtual Island, A Total Switch[...]
the sandman
With less than a month to go until Audible, Neil Gaiman, and Dirk Maggs' audio drama adaptation The Sandman: Act II premieres, listeners are getting a preview trailer for the next stage in the audio journey Behind the scenes, Maggs is back to adapt and direct; with Gaiman returning to narrate and serve as creative director[...]
Sandman Audiobook is Now Free for All US Listeners
Audible's audio play version of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman is the most faithful adaptation of the original comic story, and the first volume of the adaptation is now free on Amazon and Audible This was done with very little fanfare, with us stumbling upon it when we were idly browsing the Audible store That's right,[...]
Audible Sandman Gets Artbook
For the launch of the Audible adaptation of The Sandman, a promotion  "Drawn from The Dreaming" invited listeners to submit a description of a memorable dream Select fan-submitted dreams were then illustrated by the likes of Kelley Jones, Colleen Doran, Mike Allred, Aaron Campbell, Max Fiumara, Tom Fowler, Tony Harris, Teddy Kristiansen, Domo Stanton, Matt[...]
the sandman
Fans of The Sandman will have "Act II" of Neil Gaiman, and Dirk Maggs' audio drama adaptation to look forward to this fall, with Audible announcing on Thursday morning that The Sandman: Act II will premiere on September 22, 2021- the second of the company's three-season order Behind the scenes, Maggs will be back to[...]
Michael Connelly, the author of Bosch and The Lincoln Lawyer novels, is launching a new podcast documentary series, The Wonderland Murders & The Secret History of Hollywood, for Audible  The series will premiere on July 1st in time for the 40th anniversary of the violent murders that have become Hollywood lore Connelly created and written[...]
Audible Inc announced a multi-project, first-look development and production deal with Treefort Media to produce original scripted audio series this week Three newly greenlit projects have been confirmed:  Killing Hollywood: The Cotton Club Murder featuring Juliette Lewis, Christian Slater, and Rainn Wilson; Fishpriest featuring Ethan Hawke; and Moriarty featuring Dominic Monaghan. Premiering first, Killing Hollywood: The Cotton Club Murder will launch exclusively on Audible[...]
the sandman
The upcoming live-action Netflix series isn't the only part of "The Sandman" universe that's making news on Thursday, with Audible Inc announcing that the highly-anticipated and expected second and third installments of The New York Times best-selling, multi-part original audio drama series The Sandman have been given a green light Based on The New York[...]
The Sandman | Official Audible Trailer
With only a little more than a week to go before Neil Gaiman (American Gods), Dirk Maggs (Good Omens, Anansi Boys), and Audible Originals' first-ever audio production of the author's popular and highly influential The Sandman, fans are being treated to a look at/listen to the official trailer for the adaptation Set for release on July[...]
Audible Originals logo (Image: Audible)
With summer now only days away, Audible is boosting its original and exclusive programming line-up with four new scripted audio series with an impressive line-up of familiar faces that includes Carrie Coon, Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon, Yvette Nicole Brown, and more Here's a look at what your earholes have coming to them: period drama Phreaks, novella[...]
A little more than two months after it was announced Neil Gaiman (American Gods), Dirk Maggs (Good Omens, Anansi Boys), and Audible Originals were teaming up for the first-ever audio production adaptation of the author's popular and highly influential The Sandman, fans are being introduced to the all-star line-up of talent set to bring the works[...]
the sandman
Neil Gaiman's popular and highly influential The Sandman still remains one of fantasy's definitive works, even after 30+ years – and now, it's getting its first-ever audio production as a multi-part Audible Original directed by the visionary Dirk Maggs (Good Omens, Anansi Boys) Set to arrive this summer (with news on the voice cast coming[...]