Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Drama All Points Back to Deena?

MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation brought the major drama right out of the gate this week, picking up where the last episode left off with J-Woww mid-scream at Angelina. But soon, Angelina made peace with the group as everyone admitted they could be better friends and set aside their drama to enjoy the rest of their San Diego vacation.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crew parties in San Diego
The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crew parties in San Diego [screencap]
Except it wasn't dropped, comrades, because The Situation continued to harbor resentment toward Deena for bringing up his idea of having J-Woww host a podcast with Angelina's ex-husband and affair partner. What happens in the Jersey Shore group chat stays in the group chat appears to be the rule, and though it was J-Woww who actually told Angelina about the idea, it was Deena who reminded J-Woww, offering the perfect opportunity for the two main Angelina instigators, Mike and Jenni, to shift blame to Deena.

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, bringing you the results of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Episode 22 "It's Fine. I Work Here." The title refers to Snooki's comments after falling on her face in a confessional while totally wasted.

Deena could sense the blame shifting against her and remained on edge throughout the day, though she, Snooki, and Angelina did their best to put it behind them and consume as much alcohol as possible through a dinner and nightclub party, with Deena occasionally sending nasty glares at Mike and J-Woww but never explaining why. The next morning, Deena expressed her desire to be free of the drama, but Mike was at that very moment explaining to Lauren how Deena was trying to ruin their vacation by starting a fight in the group.

It's a classic maneuver right out of the dictator's playbook, comrades. You've always got to have a scapegoat if you want to keep the people from realizing you're the reason for their pain and suffering. The episode ended with a tease that Deena could leave the show, though the more likely scenario is that everyone eats a large Italian dinner cooked by Vinny's mom and agrees to act "like a family" by the series finale.

Until the next episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, my friends: socialism or death!

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