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Kevin Can F**k Himself Review: Excellent Twisted Take on Sitcom Tropes

Kevin Can F**k Himself is a brand new series on AMC that dives into the problem with modern sitcoms when it comes to continued tropes. The identity established by this show is incredible, from the changes in tone and aesthetic of a scene from reality to sitcom life. Annie Murphy, who plays the lead character Allison, brilliantly displays conviction and reserved but developing raw emotions of her character scene after scene. The conflicting traditions of past sitcom beliefs and routines are thrown out in the open alongside private moments where Allison's world doesn't revolve around Kevin's.

Kevin Can F**k Himself: An Excellent Twist On Sitcom Tropes: Review
Eric Peterson who plays Kevin (left) and Annie Murphy as Allison (right). Source: AMC

The man-child of sitcoms, Kevin, played by Eric Peterson, represents a common trend television has seen from half-hour comedies…the ignorant male partner. Allison's character, if we became stuck inside the sitcom world like her, would prove to continually be silenced. It's unique and fantastic to see a series explore that concept of the tropes placed on the sitcom wife.

The sitcom wife archetype is turned around and we feel for Allison in her dreams, hopes, and goals she always tries but fails to convey to her husband. Kevin is the center of attention and continues a relationship he hasn't put work into, it's something we see all the time in the sitcom world but often fail to recognize it. Kevin Can F**k Himself does a simple yet profound job at showing their audience the ugly but necessary truth behind the life shown to us on screen these days. Valerie Armstrong, the creator and head writer of Kevin Can F**k Himself, shows two worlds of Allison and it helps us feel for her character while recognizing parts of her that can become her own barrier to actual happiness. Sometimes, as an audience, we prefer the safety of expected jokes and routine from the sitcom format. But for a long time, we've also glossed over how the sitcom wife is portrayed. AMC has a series that holds both in front of us and lets us decide what to believe. Kevin Can F**k Himself is one of the best recent shows I've been able to view, and I believe it'll be a classic example of what the power of television can be.

Rating: 9/10

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