Lana and Naomi Go Head-to-Head in a Dance-Off on Tonight's SmackDown Live

Because WWE can't go a week without something a little odd, Lana and Naomi had a dance-off on tonight's SmackDown Live. Accompanied by their respective husbands (Rusev and Jimmy Uso, with Aiden English and Jay Uso there too), the ring was rather full. To be fair, they both dance well — much better than I could. Lana showed some serious skill with her breakdancing, but Naomi was a professional dancer and showed off her own flexibility in the ring. I guess Naomi won the dance-off, but to me it was a tie.

In the end though, a fight did break out. Lana attacked first, and then The Usos and English and Rusev got involved. In the end Naomi and The Usos left victorious, though one must ask if anyone is a real winner in this match — both participating and watching.

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