Ryback Says WWE Held Back Curtis Axel Over Beef with Mr. Perfect

Former WWE Superstar Ryback was interviewed by Wrestling Inc., and he had a theory on the release of Curtis Axel and why he was never allowed to be successful in WWE. Axel was released by the company last month along with dozens of co-workers as part of cost-cutting measures for the coronavirus pandemic, even as the company is on track for record profits this year. On the podcast interview, Ryback said that the only reasonable explanation for why Axel, the son of legendary wrestler Curt Hennig, otherwise known as Mr. Perfect, was unable to gain traction in the company is because of some kind of grudge against his father by WWE management.

Ryback in the ring, courtesy of WWE.
Ryback in the ring, courtesy of WWE.

"I can't figure it out, but Curtis Axel there's always been something, and I don't believe it's with Curtis," The Ryback said. "I honestly believe there's something, and I've said it before, with his dad, Mr. Perfect, with either Hunter (Hearst Helmsley) or Vince (McMahon) and something not sitting well with them, and Curtis is always, and not to say they hate Curtis or anything, but we've seen it with Vince where they will just toy with people for their whole life with that over something that had nothing to personally do with them."

According to Ryback, however, Axel's release might be for the best, as Ryback believes that he would do well in AEW. "In one way, I'm very happy for him, because I feel the he was never going to be allowed to be himself or to do anything significant there," Ryback said. "On the other hand, though, I know he has a wife and kids, and I know them. When you have a steady paycheck coming in for years, and then that all of a sudden is not going to be there anymore in these times of uncertainty, it makes me a little bit upset that he got released with the other guys like Heath (Slater) that I personally am invested in and know. I just think it is horrible timing with everything, but hopefully all this is easing up. I truly mean this, like with Heath and him, Joe, if he can be Joe Hennig, I think AEW can get some great, great stuff out of him and I think he could add to that roster, in one way or another."

Of course, AEW has a lot of options for who they can hire to bolster their roster once the pandemic is done with. With so many wrestlers released by WWE, AEW has a lot of bargaining power when it comes to who they can pick up. The last thing the company wants to look like is a place that hires WWE rejects, as that image didn't work out very well for TNA. We'll have to find out what happens when wrestling companies get back into a position to expand again.

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