Supergirl Season 3 Will Feature Reign, A New 52 'Worldkiller', As Odette Annable Joins Cast

The CW has announced who the big baddie for Supergirl Season 3 will be, and she will be familiar to fans of the New 52 run of Supergirl. Odette Annable will be joining the cast as Reign, a Worldkiller with close ties to Krypton. As a matter of fact, from the DC blog, it seems like they are adopting the Worldkiller storyline itself:

"Reign comes straight from Supergirl's acclaimed New 52 series, and in fact was one of the first baddies she faced in the relaunch. In that storyline, it was revealed that Reign's history was tied closely to Krypton. She was one of five "Worldkillers" who were aliens that were captured and experimented on by Kryptonian scientists in an attempt to turn them into powerful weapons. After they awoke and found their captors dead and Krypton destroyed, Reign and three of the other Worldkillers attempted to find their home worlds, but instead wound up on Earth.

Supergirl's producers promise that their take on Reign will be part of an exciting interpretation of this Worldkiller storyline, and Annable is the perfect actress for the role. According to Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, 'Greg and I have wanted to work with Odette for years. We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.'

Unlike previous villains, Reign's tie to Kryptonian history should present an interesting moral dilemma for Kara to work through: Her people are responsible for their creation. It lends itself to both an exciting and thought-provoking third season."


This is a nice change of pace from just constant Superman-related villains — the Krypton ties should lead to some emotional beats, as well. The show, at least for me, lost some of its footing this year, and I hope that this storyline for Supergirl Season 3 helps to right the ship a bit. Look for Reign's comic appearances to show an uptick now, too.

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