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JARED PADALECKI (2020) | Inside of You Podcast w/ Michael Rosenbaum #supernatural #insideofyou
With the final days of The CW's Supernatural just around the corner, Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) checked in as a guest on Michael Rosenbaum's podcast Inside of You One of the aspects of the series that we like the most is just how free-folwing the conversations tend to be, which allows for a lot of[...]
Don't get us wrong: we're more than happy with what the network's been rolling out, and no one in the SPN Family would pass up a chance to see Jared Padalecki's Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester, Misha Collins' Castiel, and Alexander Calvert's Jack standing in front of "Baby" and looking badass as they get ready[...]
Just when they are about to take drastic measures, the Winchester Bros arrive.  Chaos, quips, and violence ensue.  "Superlander" What a fine group of gentlemen! (No whisky involved)#JIBLAND @mishacollins @sasharoiz @jarpad @grahammctavish — Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) May 24, 2016 Sam Heughan and Padalecki's joint panel at JIBLAND 2016 is the  closest we'll ever get to having a Jamie Fraser[...]