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Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) added, "Stay tuned on that There are some conversations regarding that conversation that are being had." While we're a day late when it comes to Dean Winchester's birthday, we wanted to kick things off on a promising note with a reminder of what Padalecki & Ackles had to share heading into[...]
[praying hands emoji]" The Winchesters — "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" — Image Number: WCH113a_0273r — Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester — Photo: Eliot Brasseaux/The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. Here's a look at Ackles' tweet from earlier today, followed by a look back at a recent conversation[...]
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I've been moving more toward a curmudgeon, more toward what we all thought Dean Winchester would dive into when he got older That's just the Dean in me But I do have this crazy optimism for this show, and I think it largely resides in the energy that we found on set with this cast[...]
But this Tuesday is a very different Tuesday because it's January 24th… the birthday of Ackles' Dean Winchester, brother of Jared Padalecki's Sam Winchester on the still hotly popular, long-running series Taking to Instagram, Ackles shared a video to not only celebrate/offer a reminder about tonight's new episode of The Winchesters but also to offer[...]
Jensen Ackles will always be known best as Dean Winchester, starring with Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) in the long-running series Supernatural But after the third season of Amazon & showrunner Eric Kripke's (and SPN creator) The Boys, it would be safe to place his turn as Soldier Boy as a very strong & respectable second[...]
The Winchesters will be told from the perspective of narrator Ackles' Dean Winchester. Supernatural co-EP Robbie Thompson will write and executive produce, with Ackles and his wife Danneel Ackles, executive producing via their Chaos Machine Productions banner in association with Warner Bros Television and CBS Studios. If you're a fan of the long-running, Jensen Ackles & Jared[...]
Because on January 24, 1979, Ackles's Dean Winchester was born So who better to wish the monster-hunting man himself than the person who brought him to life for 15 seasons. Supernatural — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. "From 'young and serious' to 'aged and happy'…season 1 to season 15 What a journey Happy[...]
Focusing on Sam and Dean's parents with Ackles returning to his role as Dean Winchester to narrate, The Winchesters focuses on the untold love story of how John met Mary and how they put their love and lives on the line to save the world Except no one apparently told Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), who took[...]
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Focusing on Sam and Dean's parents with Ackles returning to his role as Dean Winchester to narrate, The Winchesters is the epic, untold love story of how John met Mary and how they put it all on the line to not only save their love but the entire world Now, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke (The Boys)[...]
Currently in development at the network with a script commitment, the series would see Ackles reprise his role as Dean Winchester to narrate and former Supernatural co-executive producer Robbie Thompson Here's a look at the initial logline for the series:" Before Sam and Dean, there was John and Mary Told from the perspective of narrator Dean Winchester[...]
The Boys wants Jensen Ackles to grow out the facial hair for Soldier Boy (Images: screencap/Marvel Studios)
But even though he's packing away Dean Winchester (for now) doesn't mean there isn't a little something that Ackles will take with him into his new role And that "little something" would be… Dean's boots. The Boys (Image: Amazon Prime) Okay, not the exact same ones he wore on the long-running series and a different color, but[...]
Don't get us wrong: we're more than happy with what the network's been rolling out, and no one in the SPN Family would pass up a chance to see Jared Padalecki's Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester, Misha Collins' Castiel, and Alexander Calvert's Jack standing in front of "Baby" and looking badass as they get ready[...]
For 14 seasons, The CW's Supernatural leads Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) have always lived under their father's shadow While Sammy raged against their overbearing dad's wishes, Dean always strove to follow in John's footsteps It took years for Dean to see John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as the flawed and misguided man[...]