The Great North Season 2 E01 Review: Judy Worries About Growing Up

First off, I now have a new nightmare that includes being on a school bus full of my own sentient teeth singing a musical number. The second season premiere of FOX's The Great North was a calm and reassuring reminder of the humanity in being fearful of new things and growing up. Be aware, there will be spoilers going forward!

The Great North Season 2 E01 Review: Judy Worries About Growing Up
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From the mother & son dentists to the ending credits featuring a slam poem about a boy's hamster named "Peanut Butter", Judy's journey through dentistry ups and downs was fantastic. I think I expected some grand gesture reintroducing audiences into the lives of the Tobin family, but in the end, I didn't really need that or want it. As Fall is gathering, the story and atmosphere developed in The Great North gathered alongside it. In a world of hustle culture and of generations missing gaps of their childhoods from traumatic events and a pandemic, the central theme of this episode struck right at the center of my heart.

It wasn't a perfect The Great North episode, with the flow dragging once or twice in certain scenes, but overall it came together quite cohesively. We got to see Judy's growth and come to understand her fears, specifically ones that many can relate to even in adulthood. The musical numbers were random, but when they were odd like the hallway of brushes or the bus of teeth, they were at their best. Some of the best/recent advice I've heard came from Beef Tobin's mouth, "you don't have to make any decisions tonight". And he's absolutely correct, Judy (and us all honestly) needs to be reminded that it can be a privilege to take a breather but that also doesn't mean not to do so. The theme of pacing yourself and acknowledging that things go in any good or bad direction was done very well. The atmosphere created by the Tobin's home during those early morning talks was also so peaceful, I loved it. I think we all wish we had a Beef Tobin in our lives.

Also, bless that hamster, Peanut Butter, please tell me we see him in future episodes.

The Great North Season 2 Episode 1 "Brace/Off Adventure"

The Great North Season 2 E01 Review: Judy Worries About Growing Up
Review by Brittney Bender

The second season premiere of The Great North on FOX was a fantastic examination of the fears of growth, adulthood, and sentient teeth. When an episode can make you laugh and reflect, it's done an excellent job.


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