Who is the SmackDown Mystery Woman? An Investigative Report Listicle

For the past two weeks on WWE SmackDown, WWE has been teasing the debut, or perhaps re-debut, of a mystery woman. Two weeks ago, we saw a video promo focusing on her feet. Yesterday, we saw another video, this time starting with her feet, but then showing her getting dressed, giving us a shot of her back, legs, and stomach, but cutting things off before we got to see her face. Who is this mystery woman? Bleeding Cool dispatched our best investigative interns to find out, and they've come back with a listicle of the top five most likely suspects to be the SmackDown mystery woman.

Who is the Smackdown Mystery Woman? An Investigative Report Listicle
Big Boss Man and Al Snow enjoy a "meal." (Image: WWE-screencap)

Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville is, as far as we know, taking some time off from wrestling after that incident with the stalker. That's why her match with Mandy Rose was changed from a hair vs. hair match to a loser leaves town match. Mandy won that match, but for some reason, she hasn't been featured on SmackDown for the past two weeks, despite her boyfriend, Otis, being featured heavily in a storyline involving a lunchbox.

So what if this is a double swerve? First, the promos are meant to make us think it's Mandy, but actually, it's Sonya Deville, who in the next evolution of her obsession with her former best friend, is now emulating her style? Especially since Mandy recently changed her gimmick to dressing like Bruce Springsteen in order to fit in better with Otis, leaving the door wide open for Sonya to steal her spot.

But if her lawyers didn't want Sonya to shave her head because of the stalker trial, they probably also wouldn't want her continuing to play a stalker on TV, so we'll have to look at other suspects, such as…

The Big Bossman

What tipped us off that the SmackDown mystery woman could be none other than The Big Bossman? It's the fur. Think about it. The Big Bossman is known for using the carcasses of the dead pets of his opponents against them. Remember that time he fed Al Snow his own dog, Pepper?

Plus, The Big Bossman always wrestled in either that Cobb County Georgia prison guard outfit or, during the attitude era, a thick tactical vest. How do we know what he looked like underneath all those clothes? For all we know, he has the toned, shapely body shown in the SmackDown vignettes.

There's only one reason it's probably not the Big Bossman, and that's because… he's dead. Which leads us to our next suspect…

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte recently took time off to get a leaky breast implant fixed, but she's had more than enough time to completely repackage herself with a new gimmick. And we know that WWE has been experiencing a serious case of booking blue balls ever since they failed to successfully launch that Emmalina gimmick a few years back, taking a competent and well-respected female wrestler and repackaging her as a sex object.

So perhaps WWE is trying again with Charlotte? It's possible… but not likely, because Charlotte would probably murder anyone that suggested she change her gimmick like that, so back to the drawing board…


Both of the promos for the SmackDown mystery woman have so far been heavily focused on the mystery woman's feet. Which wrestler is known for having a major foot fetish? That's right, Jerry "The King" Lawler. But not him. That's right, Tony Atlas. But no, not him either. We're talking about Snitsky!

Snitsky has been gone from WWE for more than a decade, and he even supposedly retired in 2018, so nobody would see this coming, and we know how much WWE likes a swerve. So what if the videos aren't from the perspective of the woman in them, but rather from the perspective of Snitsky who is creepily spying on her feet? It could be like foot-focused a rehash of the Crash TV gimmick from all those years ago. You think? No?


All right, fine. It's probably Carmella.

Hopefully, WWE doesn't drag this reveal out like the Retribution angle and we actually learn who the mystery woman is on an episode of SmackDown soon.

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