WWE RAW Finally Has Solution to Ratings Issues, Wins Night on Cable

Last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw reversed a recent trend of falling ratings to take the top two spots in the Monday Cable rankings, as well as the fourth spot, for each of its three respective hours. Despite WWE doing the best that could be expected under really tough circumstances, a lot of people in the wrestling journalism business have been panicking or rejoicing in WWE's falling ratings, even though Vince McMahon told everyone they would come back. Well, it looks like Vince is right again (as is The Chadster) because ratings and viewership are up from last week.

Becky Lynch presents the WWE Raw Women's Championship to Asuka, courtesy of WWE.
Becky Lynch presents the WWE Raw Women's Championship to Asuka, courtesy of WWE.

Raw's first hour scored a .59 in the 18-49 ratings demographic, with 1.993 million viewers, according to Showbuzz Daily. The second hour scored a .58 with 1.961 million viewers. Both of those hours beat Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta, which has been frequently winning the Monday Night Wars in recent weeks. The third hour of Raw scored a .53 with 1.802 million viewers, defeating another ratings powerhouse: 90 Day Fiance.

The average viewership for all three hours of WWE Monday Night Raw was 1.918 million people up about a quarter-million viewers from last week's record-low 1.686 million, which even I had trouble defending. That's a great sign for WWE and for wrestling in general as the world begins to regain interest in entertainment after watching a lot of cable news over the last two months.

It would be tempting to attribute the ratings bump to the announcement that it's been announced that my favorite wrestler, Baron Corbin will come to Raw to fight Drew McIntyre next week, but I know that realistically we won't see the King Corbin bump until next week. Clearly the interest in tonight's show can be attributed to two things: people wanting to learn the status of Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black, who were thrown off the roof during Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV, and probably most important of all, people wanting to know what was going on with Becky Lynch.

Both of those angles paid off, with commentary explaining that Mysterio and Black actually landed on a subroof next to the ringside area, while Becky Lynch delivered big with a pregnancy announcement, handing off the Raw Women's Championship to Asuka. So clearly, WWE has found the formula that's going to bring back the ratings. All they have to do now is figure out which two superstars they're going to kill off in a cliffhanger each week, and which female superstar is going to get pregnant and retire next. Finally, WWE is back on track and back on top where they belong.

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