WWE Raw's Theory To Once Again Be Known As Austin Theory

Young superstar Austin Theory had made quite a name for himself on the indies and in NXT, so much so that former WWE Head Honcho Vince McMahon took a personal liking to him and wanted to give him the rub (no, not the kind of rub that got Vince bounced from WWE) by appearing as his on-screen mentor.  But as much of a name as the up-and-coming star had made for himself, it was apparently too much name, as sometime after this year's WrestleMania, McMahon decided his protege's name had two too many syllables in it and shortened it down to just Theory.  Well, it's a new regime now and as such, it appears Theory might be going back to his proper name.

WWE Raw's Theory To Once Again Be Known As Austin Theory
WWE Raw star Theory will reportedly once again be known as Austin Theory, courtesy of WWE.

In a situation that reportedly went down with Vince McMahon saying something to the tune of "Grrrr…Well, we already have a Steve Austin, so how can we possibly have another Austin?!  Grrr… That'll just confuse people, pal! Hell, I'm dumbfounded by it, and I'm the smartest man in the world!  That's it, you'll just be known as Theory from now on, Pal!  Theory!  Now that's some good shit!" McMahon shortened Austin Theory's name and left fans again befuddled by his decision-making.

But Vince is no longer making decisions, and as such, it is Austin Theory's time to shine once again.  In an event listing for a live WWE event in Manchester, New Hampshire, the card reads that "Austin Theory" will be in action.

WWE Raw's Theory To Once Again Be Known As Austin Theory
An event listing for an upcoming WWE show.

While his WWE.com profile page still lists him as simply Theory, word going around is that Triple H is likely to return him and other recently renamed stars like Butch (Pete Dunne) and Max Dupri (LA Knight) to their much more recognizable and well-liked names, as long as they aren't their actual names, which creates a marketing rights issue for WWE. Could the Money In The Bank winner become Austin Theory as soon as tonight's WWE Raw?  Only one way to find out, and that's by tuning in to the show to see tonight at 8 pm on the USA Network.

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