WWE Star Baron Corbin Blast Critics: "Twitter is Full of Morons"

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin is known throughout the pro wrestling world as The Ratings King of Friday Nights, but even though he's clearly the top heel in WWE and the personal favorite wrestler of The Chadster, there are a lot of jabronie marks online without a life that don't know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot, mark, who tend to criticize King Corbin just because he's so good at his job! But King Corbin isn't afraid to fire back at critics, and he did just that during a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio.

Baron Corbin is the Ratings King of Friday Nights
Baron Corbin is the Ratings King of Friday Nights

"Nowadays, they're so prone to these heels," Corbin said of heels who fans like because they're cool. "Austin was a heel in theory, but he was the coolest guy in the business. It kinda got skewed after that. Everybody wanted to be a cool bad guy. They wanted to be that antagonist that was the rebel, anarchy, that kinda thing. They didn't actually want to be hated. And I think that's the difference. They say, 'oh, he's got go-away heat or whatever that nonsense term is, X-Pac's heat.' It's because they actually hate me. Then I'm doing my job. Come on."

"It can be frustrating because you have these morons," Corbin said of all the haters on social media. "Especially on Twitter. It's just full of morons. And they think they know more than everybody else, which actually proves they know the least of anybody. They're the dumbest of all, and they're the easiest to get. They're the ones that are trying to tell me how to do my job. 'I hate him so much; I wish someone would just punch him in the face! I don't understand it. It's not real.' Dude, I got you."

According to Baron Corbin, being a good heel isn't just about making the fans angry. Being a good heel also means getting his opponents over, and that's something Corbin excels at, according to himself.

"I take pride that I can get in the ring with anybody on the roster, and they're gonna like them better than me," King Corbin continued. "Then I'm doing my job since I can help elevate people to another level. You can take guys who the crowd's trying to figure out how they feel and put them out there with me. The moment my music hits, they go, 'Oh, I like the other guy.' Whoever comes out, it doesn't matter who walks up next. And that's where I take a lot of my pride. There's not a 'I gotta choose which guy I like better.' It's genuinely, even if they've never seen the guy before, they're gonna cheer for him if he punches me in the face."

"I gotta figure how to irritate those people even more," Corbin continued. "I take a lot of pride in keeping myself hated. There's things where people go 'I like where he did that,' and I go 'I better never do that again.'  It's just kinda that thing. A lot of heels turn into that, do things people like, and I want to just stay as evil as possible." Baron Corbin may revel in making fans angry with his heel tactics, but in The Chadster's eyes, The Ratings King of Friday Nights will always be my top babyface.




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