Robin Boy Wonder Arrives with Sideshow Collectibles [First Look]

Robin has been many characters over the decades. We have seen Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and the newest addition Damian Wayne. Yep, that's right, Batman's son is the newest contender for the Robin name and he comes to life with a new statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Recently in the 12 Days of Sideshow, they gave us a first look at this statue. You can watch the full video reveal here but we did manage to get some screens for you. This statue is very colorful and highly detailed. They did mention that Robin's cape is cloth and posable so you can customize this statue a little which is a nice touch. It is hard to say from the pictures alone on which robin this will be though. The statue that is in the video shows him with a sword that would make me thing Damian Wayne. However, on the RSVP page, which you can find here, shows him with a bow staff and a different face sculpt that shows Dick Grayson Robin. This easily confirms that the statue will have interchangeable pieces from hands to heads.  This only makes me curious about what else will be included with this statue and how many Robin's will we be getting within this single statue. Moving on to the display base for this figure you can see it is beautifully colored and designed. I like the dynamic feel of it from the bullet marks to the barrel of acid spilling out green from it. The color of this base has a nice balance to complement Robin jumping above it. This is a statue that is a must have for any boy wonder fan and must be added to any bat cave. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for when the statue goes live and pre-orders are available.

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow presents the Robin Premium Format Figure! This DC Comics themed piece will be available for pre-order in the near future! RSVP for more updates!

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