Sunday Trending Topics: X-Men First Class And Getting It

The thing that jumps out at me the most about Brendon Connelly's embargo-induced non-review of X-Men First Class is the reference to X2.  Because I've always thought of X2 as a level-up in the recent history of the comic book movie, in the same way that Tim Burton's Batman was for the generation before, and Superman The Movie was for the generation before that.  It's not a big-picture thing, it's in the details.  From the smooth polish of the action sequences to the depth of understanding of the characters.  10 minutes into X2 I was nodding and thinking to myself, "yeah, they're getting it."  So now I'm looking forward to seeing if X-Men First Class gets it in the same way.

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$10,000 Of Stolen Neal Adams Art

Yesterday at the Big Apple Comic Con, an envelope of original artwork belonging to Neal Adams was lifted off his table. Below, see scans of the pieces in the stolen envelope. A police report has been filed but please check the image below in case you see any work on sale anywhere…

Eleven Hot Comics On A Sunday Morning

The sun is shining. The day is breaking. There appears to be no earthquake, apocalypse or other end-of-the-world scenario. Might as well check your recent comics purchases to see if you can flip them on eBay – and fund this week's comics purchases. instead

Frank Miller Taken By The Rapture?

Turns out he was the only worthy individual in the world. The rest of us six billion are all heathens…

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I've Seen X-Men: First Class And Want To Tell You About It

While the big press screenings for X-Men: First Class are yet to take place, I am lucky enough to have seen it already. Embargoes being what they are, I can't exactly review the film right now, but I'm going to go ahead and tell you about it anyway, and I even promise a nice clear answer to the basic question "Is it any good?"

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh

Another week, another Doctor Who. I just love typing that still. Anyway, spoilers for this week's episode, obviously. Let's talk

Benedict Cumberbatch Has A Role In The Hobbit

Martin Freeman has slipped up backstage at the BAFTA TV awards and revealed to the amassed press that his Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the cast of The Hobbit. But as who? I'll wager he's an elf. He certainly looks like one.

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