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Adventure Awaits with RSVLTS New Indiana Jones Apparel Collection 

A new adventure awaits Indiana Jones fans and not just with a new movie but a new shirt collection from RSVLTS

Jock! Start the engines as RSVLTS is taking off for a brand new worldwide adventure with the arrival of a new license! Fortune and glory have arrived with this impressive eight-shirt collection capturing the adventures of Indiana Jones! Whether you are going after the Ark of the Covenant, a Crystal Skull, or the Holy Grail, RSVLTS has the shirt for you. From Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, all of his legendary adventures come to life in this release which will consist of:

  • It Belongs in a Museum
    • Preserve history right on your shirt with RSVLTS' first Indiana Jones Kunuflex button-down featuring some legendary artifacts. The Golden Idol, the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra, the Ark of the Covenant, the Shakara Stones, the Holy Grail, and even the Crystal Skull are all together in one place. This elegant design has all of the Indy's journeys in one place, making sure you are the treasure for this release.
  • A Hero's Glyphs
    • Some of Indiana Jones adventures are not always a walk in the park and tell a tale of the supernatural. Embrace the dark and journey into mystery with RSVLTS "A Hero's Glyphs" Kunuflex button-down. From the voodoo of the Shakara Stones to the power of the Crystal Skull, this shirt has it all and then some.
  • Tikiana Jones
    • Even action heroes can enjoy a nice vacation as Indiana Jones gets a nice tiki button-down. This shirt features plenty of elements from all the films with appearances of Short Round, the Ark of the Covenant, the Boulder scene, Dr. Henry Jones Sr., and much more. Popping with color, tiki art, and so much more, this is one shirt that reminds you, "That's Why They Call It The Jungle, Sweetheart."
  • It's The Mileage
    • Adventure awaits as RSVLTS literally maps out Indiana Jones's latest journey right on you. Become the map, track down lost and stolen artifacts, and save the day with this impressive shirt. From iconic locations and Indy elements, this cream-colored Kunuflex button-down is the key to fortune and glory.
  • Boulders, Snakes, and Idols
    • The Golden Fertility Idol awaits, and it might be quite a challenge to obtain it. Take all the risk with RSVLTS Boulders, Snakes, and Idols button-down and capture the first film's magic. From the idol, cracking whips, snakes, and the infamous boulder scene, Indiana Jones fans are right in the middle of the action this time.
  • Choose Wisely
    • The Grail Knight awaits your decision with RSVLTS crimson hieroglyphic Kunuflex button-down. Indiana Jones fans can now be part of the discovery with this delightful shirt that is packed with glyphs. Fedoras, machetes, the Holy Grail, and many more artifacts and Indy-themed symbols are hidden inside this design. Just remember, if you want to be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library.
  • Dr. Jones – Breakfast Balls All-Day Polo
    • RSVLTS signature Kunuflex button-downs are not the only design that is in the spotlight for their Indiana Jones collection. An Indy Breakfast Balls All-Day Polo is also here, showing off a lovely forest green color with skulls and fedoras scattered around. Even adventurers can relax with 18 holes of golf or just a comfy polo to suit their style.
  • Adventure Awaits – Roper Style
    • RSVLTS has done it again as they reveal their final Indiana Jones button-down. A new Roper Style shirt is here featuring Indiana Jones embroidered design on each shoulder. The infamous boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark is showcased here on this elegant brown shirt that will make you the hit of any adventure. 

All of the shirts for this Indiana Jones collection will be priced at $70 each. The Adventure Awaits roper style shirt will come in at a little more with a $72 price. This entire set of shirts is legendary, and they will be a must-have item for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny film premiere that hits theaters on June 30, 2023. Collectors will be able to find the entire collection live right here through the RSVLTS site as well as on the app. If you like that Indiana Jones Breakfast Balls All-Day Polo, then be sure to check out more in our summer BRKFST guide right here. 

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