Let's Take A Look At Super7's New Ultimate Andre The Giant Figure

Super7 recently shipped their first wrestling figure, an Ultimate edition of The Eighth Wonder Of The World, Andre The Giant. This is a classic 70's look for the big guy, and while most may think of him first in his black singlet he wore in the WWF, this is how others remember him: as the territory phenom who smiled and snarled his way around the world before Vince got his hands on him in the WWF. Super7 is new to the wrestling figure game, with this Andre The Giant figure releasing now, and new Ultimates figures of NJPW wrestlers and Major Wrestling Figure Podcast figures to follow. Let's take a look at their first stab at it, and see what we think of their tribute to Andre.

Andre The Giant Is In Good Hands With Super7

As always, Super7 nails the packaging for their Ultimates figures. Done in the style of an old school fight poster, the front slipcover is striking and stands out a ton. Remove it, and see Andre The Giant in all his glory. The window box shows the figure and everything that comes with it, save for one swappable piece in the back. The backside of the package features classic Andre pics and a quick bio. Perfect for MOC collectors, like they always are. You can stop here and have an awesome Andre figure.

Once you free The Giant from his plastic cage, you can see what a marvel this figure is. This thing is fittingly massive, and they really nailed the odd proportions of Andre The Giant's body. He comes with four sets of hands, three heads, and both a cloth and rubber vest. Here is what is disappointing first: some of the hands lack much detail, especially the fists. The rubber vest is not great either; the cloth one is miles better, fits the figure better, and just looks better. Other than that, I am very happy with it. All three headsculpts are fantastic; pictures do not do them justice. By far, my favorite, though, is the smiling version. That is how I choose to remember Andre The Giant, the smiling behemoth, who could turn to beast at the flip of a coin. They even gave him an in scale can of beer with a detailed sticker. That alone makes me forgive the lack of detail on some of the hands.

Let's Take A Look At Super7's New Ultimate Andre The Giant Figure

This figure just brings a smile to my face. Andre The Giant meant so much to so many people for a variety of reasons, and this wrestling figure is a small but fantastic tribute to the man. His legacy will live forever, and it would be a great idea for you to add this figure to your collection as well. Welcome to wrestling figure making Super7. If this is any indication, you will be one of the greats with a couple of smaller tweaks.

You can order this figure right here.

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