NECA Batman Batarang Coming To Walmart This Month

NECA will debut their first DC Prop Replica, which we first showed you live from the show floor at New York Toy Fair last year. Man, it has been a whole year. How sad that Toy Fair would be happening around now. Anyway, this 1:1 scale Batman 89 Batarang will release first to Walmart stores this month and maybe hitting as we speak, at a retail price of only $13.96. It will come packaged with a display stand, and it folds in three places. NECA released the final packaging photos of the release today, which you can see down below.

NECA Batman Batarang Coming To Walmart This Month
NECA Batman Batarang

NECA Could Have Something Special Here

There is a market for these types of affordable prop replicas right now. Hasbro has had a very successful run making MCU props in their Marvel Legends line, and with the licenses that NEAC has access to, the sky is the limit for them, especially if the cost is down where this is. This is also just the first of these Batman releases. They also had props from Batman: The Animated Series, a grappling gun and line launcher from Batman 89, Superman 78 Kryptonite, a Batman Beyond Batarang, and some Batman Arkham video game stuff.

I love the box as well. Man, for $13, who would pass this up? I don't even like Batman, and I can't wait to find one. As I said, this Batarang is first to market at Walmart stores and should be hitting their NECA shelves in the electronics sections any day now. Afterward, it should be available everywhere. No release timetable from NECA yet on those other props they showed off, but I would imagine that they will be coming over the spring and summer months. I cannot wait to see more about all of those. Keep an eye on this line for sure.

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